Thursday, 3 June 2010

first weigh in on calorie counting

so last night was my first weigh in from calorie counting (al la post yesterday), and i lost 3.5lb!! yeeehaaa! i'm soo chuffed with that - just goes to prove i CAN DO THIS! and i can do this ON MY OWN! i dont need a group or a class! i'm now more than capable of doing it under my own steam - much more rewarding!

i feel 100% better not going to group - less obsessive, OK i'm now keeping a photo food diary on here which some people might argue is more obsessive but hey i dont think so and thats all that matters! if id have missed weigh in last week due to illness from class i'd have really struggled to stay on track but under my own steam it didnt occur to me to eat any differently just coz i couldnt get weighed! all in all i'm in a much more healthy mind frame now!! i'm very pleased with the resulst both physically and emotionally from calorie counting!! long may it continue!

however tomorrow is my sisters hen night, so we'll see how well i cope with that!........but thats tomorrows post!

lunch yesterday was a delicious makeshift waldorf salad, comprising normal salad bits, topped with poached chicken breast, mayo light, FF nat yog, pecans, apples and grapes, hmmmm was amazing - having the same again today. i did however have a white flour wrap with it which led to me crashing and burning about an hour after lunch! hey ho i managed through it with water and a little help from my "friends" over at WI. so no wrap today!!

i followed lunch with a tonne of water melon! hmmmm.........

after weigh in i did session 2 of week 5 C25K, 2x8 min runs! wowsers! that was intense! but i managed it! now i'm really scared for tomorrow - 1 x 20 minute run with no walk break! holy gamoly! surely i'm not capable of that! we'll see!
dinner was supposed to be a portion of potato dauphinoise and salad but as id crashed in the afternoon i felt dinner needed to be "fresher", so i whipped up an live pasta, using red pesto, olive oil, fresh basil, cherry toms, garlic, S&P and some black olives, topped with a little parmesan, a salad on the side with my goddess dressing and Spoonful of the potato bake (just to try you understand) hmmmmm

later on i had some black currant and apple tea and 6 pieces of G&B dark choc to "celebrate" the loss! never a good idea to celebrate with food but hey it wasnt "bad" food so i'll let me off ok!!

oh here's my bag i take my lunch, MrNeen's lunch and other bits n bobs i need to work every day (as well as my hand bag), its a really great bag, its hessian, and my dad put some hard thin wood type thing in the bottom and stitched some navy blue heavy duty fabric inside it! isnt he good to me! look at the little red crosses he stitched it with! so cute!

BUT its gone in the cupboard for a wee rest coz i got this cath kidston shopper free with a mag - its not very good quality but it'll do for a wee outing - so i'm sporting this today - nice and bright.

Breakfast this morning - i was FAMISHED! i had blueb's peaches and cherries with podge, dry cherries and linseeds! hmmmmm

so today is my last day at work this week! yay! tomo i'm gon get up wen MrNeen gets up anyway at 6.30am and crack on with a bit of house work, head out for my (20 min) run nice and early, get back and finish the house work, my sis (the one who's hen it is) finishes work at 11.30am we're gonna take my dog and her kids up the hill a treck should take about 2 hours, its a bit much i think for my 3yr old niece but we agreed to piggy back her up the really steep bits should be a good girly treck - actually really looking forward to it, and that along with the big run in the morning is an attempt to earn lots of extra cals to allow for tomo nyt!! then our other sister is coming to get me at 3pm when we'll head down to the restaurant i've organised the hen at - to take the decorations down there. then i'll be home, have a last min tidy up and shower, my cousin arrrives about 4.30 (shes staying with me the wknd) we'll get ready head over to my sisters where our other sister is getting ready also and we'll roll out about 6.30pm in our fairy outfits OMG!! i have a great tutu and wings and headband with bouncy wits on, and a wand OMG!! we're going for mexican night and pink fizz at this restaurant then we'll hit the bars. really looking forward to it, but must keep my eating and drinking in check!!
then saturday, my sisters are coming over to mine (the boys are off out on the stag doo) for a proper girly day the 3 of us and my cousin, pampers, nibbles, more pampers, eats, films - a nice relaxing girly day!
i dont get too much chance to have many girly nights, as most of my friends dont live here, so when we go out its usually me Mr Neen and the boys, unless my friends are through or we'r visitng them, so a real girly wknd will be great!


  1. Sounds fantastic. Well done on the running so far - you've done better than me anyways!! How do you think you'll be with the 20mins - it seems like a big step up from 2 x 8 eh?? eek. Just keep breathing and nice and slow. xx Love your bag! x

  2. Good luck for tomorrow. You'll do it easy and feel wonderful. It's a real measure of how far you come over the last 4 and a half weeks. Enjoy your body doing amazing things!

  3. Well done on your loss! I find that keeping a photo diary of eats is much better than calorie counting any day. I'm quite a visual person so it works really well for me to help maintain my weight. I'm sure your run will go find, I wish I was out there running with you instead of being stuck with this bloody knee! x

  4. thanks girls - i cant decide if i'm excited/nervous for tomorrows run! im nervous about such a long run but mega excited about how i KNOW i'll feel afterwards!!