Monday, 21 June 2010

A weekend at Home

Well i thoroughly enjoyed our wknd at home, it was perfect, just enough exercise, time in the kitchen, BBQing, relaxing, sunbathing and studying, i couldnt have asked for more from our wknd at home!

I started off saturday with a green monster at 7am

Then set to making the Goddess Granola for my dad for fathers day, i was lovingly shelling pistachio's at about 7.15am

and whilst that was in the oven i made some Apple Frangipane Tarts, for dessert at our fathersday BBQ, (which we had on saturday in case the weather wasnt as good on Sunday) i was supposed to make a meal but we agreed for my dad to BBQ instead as the weather was so good, so i said i'd bring dessert.........

they turned out PERFECT!

I had some left over pastry so whipped up some cheese whirls with a twist (pardon the pun!) i used mexican spiced tomato puree as the base, then strong cheddar and gruyer mix for the cheese, then sprinkled generously with sun dried tomatoes.......

hhmmmm hmmmm hmmm these were sooo good! i only had 2 small ones the rest i gave to my dad along with the granola....they look a bit rustic but hey they tasted amazing!

Then the Goddess Granola was ready and cooled, so i put it in a big jar

And of course sampled some for breakfast (just in case) with mango and fat free blueberries live yoghurt, this tasted pretty good. My dad was delighted declared he'd never had granola and after much munching decided that it was too good to put on yoghurt or anything else for that matter and it was going to go on the coffee table for munching in the evenings! heh heh!

Wth all the baking taking care off Buddy, Red and I headed off up the forrestry walk for a few hours

remember last time i went it was too misty to get good pics, so i got some awesome ones this time as the weather was so good and not a whisp of mist in sight.

after our hike, we had a quick change and up to my mum and dads to give fathers day gifts and chill out in thier garden
lunch was wholemeal toast, houmous, avocado, cucumber and basil - love this combo will be a definate regular from now on

And then hung out with some friends in the garden and soaked up some rays

Later i hijacked the BBQ and prepped some veg

And set the table

Dad fired up the BBQ (action shot)

I tried some Halloumi on the BBQ, none of us had tried it before, and it was major hit, love love love.

my part of the BBQ..............

I had salad, lots of grilled veggies, corn and 1 kebab (which i didnt like so i didnt eat that), i had two plates of this.

Sunday i got up and had 2.5mile run with my sister and 12 year old niece. My sister has been running for longer than me but was happy to follow my pace. My niece did really well and kept up most of the way, she lagged behond a couple of times but we were so proud of her! this is the first time i've ever run with anyone else, i wasnt sure if i would like it, but i loved having the company, it made the whole thing alot easier!
Afterwards I really wanted a big fancy breakfast......i had a huge portion of podge, with fresh blueb's, pecans, dried bluebs, 1 dried date, pumpkin seeds and linseeds, with a drizzle of agave!
Totally extravegant yeah!? hmmmm was to die for!

later on i had a slice of mums homemade Wholemeal toast with PB, as breakfast had been kinda early

lunch was amazing too, 4 cracked wheat krisprolls, with houmous, avocado and radishes with a side of insane leaves and peas OMG was soooo good!!

Later on i snacked on these that Jo had given me on Friday, these were tasty, the bar was particularly good!

Dinner last night was just the same as Sunday, coz the weather was so nice we did the BBQ again at my mum and dads, but minus the pud! one night with pud was more than enough.
Can we do it all again now please!

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  1. arh,,, jealous again!! Bless Mr Neenie sat at the table waiting for his BBQ! Cutie x