Wednesday, 9 June 2010


hey there, happy hump day! its come round so quickly! the weeks are FLYING IN!!

so i could have went out running last night but i didnt feel like it and thought i would go tonight instead, but you know i'm not feeling the vibe, i'm so tired, i'm not sleeping well at all at the moment, i'm tossing and turning all night in fitfull restless sleep, my hayfever has gone mental this week so i feel quite ill with it, like i have a total head cold, i've got some reccomendations for it, so i'll stock up this wknd on stuff from boots and hopefully get it under control, but those things together i'm just not feeling the running vibe! maybe i'll go tomorrow instead, we'll see how tonight goes for sleep. i finished my mock assessment for college last night hurrah! just need to get it typed up send it in for marking then i'm ready for my exam, thank god! will do that tonight. i'm also going to get busy in the kitchen tonight, i have some apples need using up thier going yellow, so i think i'll try and rereate the apple frangipane from yesterdays post then i can take some down for the family in doncaster when we go to visit over the wknd, and i think i'll have a bash at some healthy breakfast muffins too. will report back tomorrow.

well heres some eats, sorry if thier a bit repetative just now, i'm really just in the mega salad and grilled veggies zone! plus its about all thats going on in my fridge, and as i'm planning a monster sainsburys shop at the wknd i dont really wanna go shopping, seens how i'm quite happy eating this stuff!

salad, again with dads home grown leaves and raddishes, and mediocre in comparison, shop bought, cherry toms, avocado, cucs, pine nuts, parmesan, balsamic vinegar, roast onion, grilled peppers, courgettes and corn and a bit of a pork chop, local reared, local farmed - deeelish! actually i think last nights dinner was the best yet!

god have i mentioned how much i love the meals im churning out since quiting slimming world, i feel like everything i eat is amazing just now!

for dessert i tried some water melon with fresh mint, i saw this on someone elses blog, i think it was the smart kitchen, its really nice, you should sooo try!!

heres where the messages come in from the title........yesterday i received this really cute little card from a wedding ideas forum friend (we started this thing called motivational postie - its where someone has organised it like we pull names out a hat and we each get assigned someone that month and have to send them something, whether its a card with a motivational message, a recipe, or something you've bought for them for under a fiver) so i got mine yesterday - its soooo nice, it brought a tear to my eye, this girl knows me pretty well it seems, from just our virtual friendship. theres a recipe for choc muffins with choc custard in it, a website address to buy cheap boxsets from, a website for the 8k runing programme and a little motivational message, saying "success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out", she told me i'm doing really well with my weight loss and that i'm sure to look and feel wonderful on my wedding day! HOW NICE IS THAT! theres a pic of a tortoise on the front of the card, see below and she says keep going, remember the tortoise wins the race! i'm truly touched by this card!

and heres another little message someone left for me! last night as usual i took a snap of my dinner, now i've not spoken to MrNeen about the bloggy, its not that its a secret its just that its not really something he'd be interested in, i've mentioned it but thats it, well he just noticed last night (quick on the uptake isnt he!) that i took a pic of my food, he was like "what are you doing why are you picturing your food" - so i just said "its for the blog, we all keep photographic food diaries", so that was it, that was the end of the conversation.
then this morning i had a lie in and got a lift to work a bit later, normally i get up with MrNeen and make him eggs and toast, but when i get a later lift he pleases himself for breakfast - well i turned on the camera this morning to download my pics and look what i found, a little message for me - and for you guys, turns out MrNeens breakfasts of choice are NOT nutritionally sound, and nor do they look appetizing at all!! burnt toast with wedges of unmelted cheese - what a funny cookie! s

and here's my breakfast - hmmm which one would you prefer!!
overnight oats/museli with almonds, hazelnuts, linseeds, dried cranberries and fresh bluebs......

i got these this morning for a munch, i quite liked them actually and at only 27cals per yoyo i'll be getting these again!

these also came with little messages in, these little cards where inside

they say:
Nature Facts:
* Worms have 5 hearts
* There are more chickens than people in the world
* Children grow faster in springtime than any other time of year
* A spider has transparent blood

heres lunch today: the usual, 3 dutch crispbreads, these have been my favourite so far out of rice cakes or ryvita etc, these are the firm favourite! with "out of date" humous (hope its ok - it tasted ok), a mega salad, with the leaves again, chive flowers, pine nuts, avocado, cherry toms, cucs, pea pod peas it was really tasty!

so today is weigh in day - i'm not confident at all - in fact i'm pretty certain it will be a gain, from my Friday night antics at the hen party, although i was pretty good over the rest of the wknd with just a rogue packet of crisps here and there, everything else was spot on, its just sheer volumer of alcohol from friday! also TOTM is due so thats not going to help - never mind i'll take it on the chin and move on! will report back laters bloggys x


  1. Well done on your salads - they look a-mah-zing! Your little story about Mr Neen bought a smile to my face - he sounds just like Mr E! Mr E always tries to look at my blog but I cover it up and scream "no no no it's girly private stuff" and so he does the same when I come in the room and he's on his xbox!! haha.
    Love that card! I'm almost done with my motivational postie, can't wait to get mine! xx

  2. What a lovely gift, I really need to get cracking on mine, not sure what to get! And lol at MrNeen, I just cracked up at that pic!

  3. ohhh MrNeen what a clown he is, i just said to him, man your breakfast this morning looks rank - his reply "it was" so i said why did you have it, - his reply "you werent there to make me eggs!" oh dear oh dear!!