Thursday, 24 June 2010

Operation Beautiful

Evening bloggers, so before i launch here was breakfast this morning, Podge, strawbs, pumpkin seeds, linseeds, hazel nuts and raisins.

podge done in microwave, ummmm i like it better on the oven.

lunch, i couldn't pic, coz of people around, but it wsa exactly the same as yesterday, and the day before and the day before.......salad, Dr Kargs x2, houmous, 2 x baby bel lights and an apple.

This afternoon i snacked on watermelon, it was ICE COLD - just the way i like it!

This afternoon i had a good mooch around the i was truly inspired, so much so i started off by spreading some post it love around the building............

then i had an apricot and thought some more.............

i thought, why not put operation beautiful to use on a personal level, so i wrote this, and i'll stick it in my dads greenhouse tomo while he's not looking.

and this one for my mum, i'll sneak up and stick it on her bedroom mirror while she's not looking tomo......

then i wrote this one and pictured it on my phone and sent it to Buddy

then i went and got a card to give to my neice after her end of primary show tonight, she's the lead

and a charm for her bracelet....

then i went over to her house to see her and she wasnt in so i popped this onto her bedroom mirror

so thats it, thats my love for today! i feel pretty darn good after doing all that!
here's dinner, chicken (grilled), mushrooms, cauliflower, runner beans and sweet potato discs

then we got ready to go to my nieces show

like i said she's the lead in "Cinderella Rockafella"

thats "Rockafella" next to her on the left.

i thought i was going to BURST with love when she was up on that stage i dont think i loved anyone as much as i loved her tonight!!

she truly has the voice of an angel! I'm not biased she really is good!!

then it was time for home, sophie couldnt get home fast enough WAaaayyy past her bedtime!!

the boys! My uncle, My Brother in law to be (in 2 weeks), and Buddy

my aunt and my big sis.

thats all folks i'm getting into trouble for blogging when i should be spending quality time with buddy! oh dear..............night night! xx


  1. Arh love it!! If I was on WI i'd use the :wub: !!

    Lovely pic by the way - wit woo missus. Oh and how tall is buddy?! xx

  2. I love your dress! Those post-its were really cute too :)

  3. thanks :-)

    LME - Buddy is like 6.4 tall, not helped by my bro in law2b being only like 5.4 tall, so they look a bit like little and large!! xx

  4. hee hee - he's huge! Mr E is only a shorty at 5ft 10 (he reckons 5ft 11, but he sooo isn't), means i'm in flat shoes for the wedding!