Monday, 28 June 2010

how fast does this year want to go!

i cant believe its Monday AGAIN! the weeks are just flying out from under my feet!!! its pretty scary!

today i've been uber busy! and pretty tired! so here's piccys to tide you over till tomorrow!

Bfast - Podge - fruit salad, dried cranberries (infused with cinamon -am undecided on these, bought by accident!), flaked almonds and linseeds

an unpictured peach

lunch - pumpkin rye bread, houmous and salad

a frusli bar

cherries and a baby bel

an unpictured packet of bear dried fruit - was starvin - dinner wasnt till late!
dinner at my mums, tuna cakes and salad

followed by a shared bowl of strabws with buddy.

thas all folks - to tired for words. night night xx

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