Thursday, 10 June 2010

what a disaster

ughhh i hope today shapes up to be better than this morning, first up we slept in, we're meant to get up at 6.35am but slept in till 7am - oopsy! cue jumpin out of bed and running around getting ourselves together super quick whilst brushing teeth along the way, but hey its cool coz im a domestic goddess arent i! so i run into the kitchen put MrNeens bread in the toaster and eggs in the pan, they can cook while i get washed and throw on some clothes and i can take my muesli to work if need be!

so off i went to get ready - look in the mirror - oh yeah coz i ran out of time last night i went to bed with my hair wet thinking id straighten it in the morning - oopsy frizzbomb gallore! oh well tied back it goes with lots of "mellogoo" to hold in place, next up get dressed, oh hell i cant find any ironed cardi's it's too hot for a jumper and i'm a bit paranoid about my upper arms so dont like coming to work with short sleeved tops on with no cardi! oh hell no time to iron short sleeves it is - time to get over the insecurities love!

ok i'm ready - back to the kitchen its only 7.10am plenty of time for brekkie, bugger MrNeens eggs are incinerated! the burnt toast and lumps of cheese of yeterday breakfast is now starting to look appealing to him! - shut up and eat it, its all thats on offer, then i step in something wet....i look down and the watermelon thats on the floor (which i might add i only bought a couple of days ago) has bled out all over the floor, i pick it up and it sops out the bottom, EVERYWHERE!! so down on the hands and knees i go to clean up with a roll of kitchen paper and the bathroom spray - seems we've run out of kitchen spray - use the whole roll and a whole lot of bathroom spray and it still sticky and puddly in places! and its seeped all over my lovely hessin bag that i keep under my kitchen stools with all my dried fruit, nuts and crispbreads in arhhhh!!

no time for breakfast - put all the makings of muesli together and into the lunch bag it goes. grab the bag of ebay stuff i've sold for posting, the avon stuff for returning, the lunch bag and my hand bag and then realise its really sunny and hot outside and i have a tonne of clothes on drying racks, in the tumble dried and in the washing machine that really needs to be done before we go away - oh stuff it i dont have time to deal with it i'll do it later - half way to the car OMG tonight is my last night at home i dont have time to sort the mountain of washing - cue throw all the bags at MrNeen - run back inside throw all the wet washing in a big bag and back out to the car - round to my mum and dads to drop off the dog, please please please can you hang my washing out on your line heh heh heh!! all done phew!! off to work we go - i dont think we spoke the whole way there we were a bit shell shocked from out manic half hour!

i get to work and realise my TOTM has started - do i have tampax - what do you think given the morning i've had - so back out i go to the shops - pick some up - along with some other bits (why do i seem INCAPABLE of going into a shop for just what i need instead of always adding just a couple of bits to it!)

ok back to work, breakfast, blog - bugger bugger bugger i left my camera at home, along with my list of what i'm having for lunch today coz i weighed it all out last night!!


anyway i did my baking last night - i made the pastry for my frangipane tarts - its now in the fridge i'll finish the tarts tonight, i made Laura's muffins ( these turned out AMAZING - i have pics will post later! i also made a banana loaf with a couple of manky naners i had, but that died a death! never mind the muffins more than make up for it!

so tonight i'm going to finish the tarts, make more muffins, some to take away for us for the wknd and some to give away to family in Doncaster, if i get time i'm also going to make some fruity/oaty bars for snacking whilst away. i also need to pack and tidy up! phew another busy night i think!

oh oh oh i almost forgotted! I LOST 1.5LB'S!!! hurrah! just goes to show you can have a night out and still loose weight if your good the rest of the week!! go me!!!! i'm pretty happy with that! means i've lost 5.5lbs in the three weeks since leaving slimming world!!

right i'm off to deal with an uber busy day at work will post muffin pics etc laters. bye bloggies! xx


  1. Ha ha ha - sounds like atypical morning in our house. Throw in a husky wanting walkies and playing with his toys and growling though!!

    Whats all this about hot weather?? I'm sat here with a cami, a long sleeve t shirt and a long cardi, wishing I had socks on with my ballet pumps!

  2. P.S. Knew you'd like the muffins ;) x

  3. Well done on your loss! Thats brilliant. Good for you leaving slimming world, I lost almost 5 stone through eating yummy healthy food and exercise all by myself so you can do it too! Sorry to hear you had such a nightmare morning x