Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Part time Veggie

Well i've noticed lately that more and more i'm reaching for the veggie option! i dont know whats going on! i dont have moral issues with eating meat and apart from being totally grossed out by raw meat (i always have been though and use disposable catering gloves for handling raw meat) i dont have any issues with meat at all, in fact i particularly like chicken breast, roast beef, roast lamb and pork loin. but i'm finding myself reaching for the veggie option at home and out, the last 2 times we've been out i've ordered from the veggie section and more often than not i'm not eating meat at home!

i am by no means a vegetarian, i think i like certain meats too much to say thats it, no more! but i think i prefer to have it rarely. its easier on the cals and easier on my digestiveness too, i feel full without the bloating after meals! hmmm its a funny one, i cant imagine ever giving it up completely but if say the doc told me i couldnt eat meat again for health reasons etc, i dont *think* i'd be too bummed out about it!!

so anyway on with the eats!

dinner last night was salad and spanish quinoa

i toasted the quinoa

added some chopped onions and sauted for about 8 minutes, then added stock, passata, a little courgette, a few pea pod peas, 1 olive and some fresh herbs and chilli

and simmered for about 20 mins.

served with a grated baby bel - i read on someones blog that these melt really well - they were right, a couple of mins after this pic was taken the cheese was melted beautifully! hmmmm

bfast this morning i was CRAVING podge like never before! with a whole array of toppings, fresh bluebs, dry bluebs, pecans, hazel nuts, linseeds hmmm

lunch was the usual salad with houmous and krisprolls

followed by an apple and 2 baby bel lights

dinner tonight was pretty dam amazing! salad with a vegan bean burger, some grilled courgette and pepper and some (ah.maay.ZING) brie from the deli, the whole thing was pretty spectacular!

i was supposed to have spanish quinoa with my dinner again tonight but got a bit bogged down in the kitchen baking quiches and cheese whirls for buddy, so i followed dinner with a huge bowl of strawbs (reduced to 50p in the co-op tonight! Kerazay!) with some fat free strawb yog - the perfect end to a perfecto foodie day!

right then peeps i'm off to study! nearly ready for that exam!!!!


  1. Hey! There's a lot of healthy food on that there post! You'll rock your exam- when is it?

  2. thanks - i do try! heh heh hopefully weigh in tonyt will reflect it!

    the exam is just whenever i'm ready i set the date, i finished my mock exam last nyt so i should get the resulst back in a few days then i can sit, so prob next week! x

  3. I think the phrase for it in the city is 'flexitarian' when you eat veggie as much as you do any other way, dependent on your mood at the time. If it works for you, do what suits you! You certainly get enough variety in your diet not to have to worry about nutrient imbalances or deficiencies :)

  4. ohhh i like that name! i think i'll adopt it! flexitarian! ha ha i actually just paused typed it into google it and theres tonnes on it! heh heh! x