Wednesday, 2 June 2010

weigh in day

well today is my first official weigh in with the practice nurse, it was supposed to be last week but as i was sicky, i had to put it off, weigh in day is usually Thursday, but the PN is on holiday tomo so i'm getting weighed tonight, so its 1 week late but 1 day early - hopefully its a good weigh in, i'll be hoping for at least 3lb off seens how its 2 weeks worth of weight loss tonyt and apart from the 1 day eating nothing and 1 day eating very little and 2 days eating ok but too many carbs, all due to sickness, i'm hoping it will all balance itself out! i really need some good losses over the next few weeks, its my sisters wedding on 10th July and i really would like to have lost 3stone or more by then, (i'm currently at 2 stone 4lb loss - at last weigh in 2 weeks ago) and i cant believe its less than 6 months now till my big day! no pressure huh!!

anyway enough worrying about weigh in's and weight losses what will be will be i've done my best the rest is up to the scales!

i didnt walk to work today as i had a tonne of stuff to bring in to put on ebay on tea breaks, my clothes are just falling off me, and i could do with the money, i've got some pretty expensive needs over the next few months - hair doing (ASAP!!) £80, running shoes £80ish, my hen wknd £god knows!, iphone £80 (ok i dont NEED this but im due for upgrade on 28th Oct, and i really really want one and i want one to take on honeymoon), hair doing again just before wedding £80 - phew so i reckon 1 thing a month Hair (July), Running shoes (august), Hen wknd (Sept), iPhone (Oct), Hair (Nov)!! arrgghhh its so much to think about! so i reckon if i start selling my too big life i should be able to either put the cash towards my needs!!

I'm going running tonight after weigh in, its session 2 of week 5 C25K, a little late but sickness got in the way last week. so tonight is 2 x 8 minute runs, Friday is 1 x 20 minute run - scared? me? hmmmm yup!!

heres some eats from yesterday/this morning....

lunch was a salad - i forgot to bring my little pot of goddess dressing, but the strawberries brightened up the taste on thier own so thats ok!

some grapes mid afternoon

dinner was cold roast chicken, some baby sprouts, 2 new potatoes, and grilled half corn, broccoli and courgette - yes i grilled AGAIN what of it!! the broccoli is lovely grilled by the way!! this actually turned out to be a HUGE dinner, i'd guestimated weights on food focus to work out cals allowance and had overestimated on chicken and potatoes, so halved them, and it was still a good size portion, needless to say i ate the lot!

then as i had quite a few cals left for the day, i made some banana and PB soft serve, i'd frozen a banana yesterday morning (which btw i should have peeled and chopped and frozen, but i froze it in its skin so vry difficult to peel!
you need a food processor (this is my big one - also kenwood - big brother to the little one is used at the wknd for the goddess dressing)

1 frozen nana, 1tbs PB, 1tbs Skim milk

and wizzzzz it up till its creamy

serve.............mine was a little too "soft" but i had put the nana in the freezer yesterday morning and i'd put it in the little freezer compartment of my fridge instead of my big freezer, the door hadnt closed right so i came home to a watery fridge, and i dont think my nana was frozen right through (actually between that and the not peeling it first it wasnt such a successfull freezing was it!!)
i'd have it again but with a perfectly frozen nana next time, as it was too soft i served it with cherries and peaches. it was filling and a nice dessert. (although it does look a bit like podge here!)

for breakfst this morning i had blackberries and blueberries topped with jumbo oats, and dried cranberries, linseeds and sunflower seeds, hmmmmm - all served in my starbucks mug - it doesnt get much use these days since i stopped drinking tea and coffee - its too big for fruit tea in my opinion, so i figured id treat it to some podge this morning!

isnt it pretty!!

hope everyone has a good hump day! xx


  1. I've never thought of putting brocolli in the grill pan. I love my new one, I love how the veggies stay nice a crunchy, yum!

  2. hmm yup i saw it on a blog the other day, someone BBQ'd thier broccoli, i've tried it roasted with garlic, thats nice, but Grilling it turned out really good with a little salt it was soo tasty! 'm loving my rekindled relationship with my grill!! x

  3. Your starbucks mug is so beautiful! I want one :) I want to try the soft-serve but have no food processor and you have 2! Not fair ;) Hope the weigh-in went well.