Monday, 14 June 2010

Neen and Buddys Trip Abroad

Hey there bloggies how was everyones wknd? mine was Grrreat!

First up let me introduce you to "buddy" i refer to MrNeen in real life when i'm talking about him to people i know really well, as "buddy" so i'll be like oh "buddy's" just coming to pick me up etc, and i call him "buddy" to his face ALOT, it started coz well.....he's my best bud! i think its cute, him....not so much, but as we've been together 6 years now and i've pretty much been calling him "buddy" for as long as i can remember he got used to it. so i figured i refer to myself as Neen on here (thats what all my family and closest friends call me) i'll start referring to MrNeen as Buddy, it feels easier to flow.

Second up sorry for my absence over the wknd, we arrived at Buddy's parents house on friday night, got unpacked, made drinks etc, got settled, then i toddled off up to the office to get the laptop to log my calories and to blog.........................the laptop was gone!!!! *gasp* turns out as they have gone off to America on thier Jollies, they put the laptop in the safe!! OMG a whole wknd without the internet! how ever will i cope! man i need an iphone in my life!!

my food over the wknd was pretty good, withough logging it i've no idea how much over cal allowance i was but i made pretty good decisions, so fingers crossed eyes tight shut and lets hope for the best eh!

here's my recap on the wknd, pics n all!

on Friday afternoon at work my colleague brought in her new puppy for me to see, so cute! smells just like puppy and so soft! i was a bit scared he would pee on me, as i had a 6 hour drive after work! but he didnt! good puppy!!

the drive down was pretty good it actually only took us 5 hours 20 mins, the roads were so quiet, the weather was lovely, cant complain! like i said we arrived, got unpacked made drinks, chilled out for about an hour and hit the sack, we're always so tired after that drive, it kinda takes it out of you!

i woke in the morning to the sun streaming in the windows at 7.30am, glorious! so i got geared up and hit the pavements for a run, i'm on week 6 C25K and it was supposed to be 2 x 10 min runs split by 1 x 3 min walk, i managed the first 10mins but the 2nd 10 mins was a killer, my hayfever was a nightmare my chest was killing and it was belting hot already, i ran and walked at intervals throughout the 2nd 10 min run, not great but at least i got out! first time in 6 days due to hayfever so thats great.

after my run i had my protein shake in the garden! hmmmmm i want a garden!

wiggled my toes in the cool grass

fed the birdies Buddy's left over sandwiches from the drive

and drooled over the glorgious house and garden...........a lovely big conservatory ( i would spend my days reading in here you'd have to drag me out of it kicking and screaming)

a lovely big garden, and a place to eat outside...............

a great sized kitchen (about twice - 3 times the size of mine) twas heaven preparing food in here!

unfortunately theres even dishes to do in heaven! although they have a dishwasher, i noticed there was only 2 tablets left for it so i didnt want to use them all up!

this is our regular haunt when we come to England but this is the first time we've had the place to ourselves, it was really excellent - i felt like we were playing house like grown ups heh heh! i love our little flat - you know, its "ours" its the first place we bought together and its home! but MAN i want a house instead of a flat, i want a spare room, i want somewhere to eat meals inside and outside, i want a dining table and a garden, a big kitchen and maybe even a driveway! we're moving once we're married but this wknd has just escaled my impatience levels!
anyway - then i had breakfast in the garden

whilst buddy got ready for the England game.

i packed some snackies for while i was out (just in case)

after breakfast i ran to boots and invested in elephant strength hayfever fixers!! i will beat this, it will NOT BEAT MY RUNNIN!!

then we went out for lunch with buddy's dad, i ordered cauliflower and potato aromatic curry with salad instead of rice, very good yes! twas lovely but i didnt pic, incase my father in law to be got a bit freaked out!
i left buddy with his dad and bro to watch the game and i hit up sainsburys, theres a super store not far from our temp home, and its IMMENSE! they have everything, i mean there really is nothing you cant get in this place! i got some nice bowls and a dress, a jammies, and lots of luvly, yummy food that you cant get here, including grape nuts and quinoa! i've never tried it before, i couldnt find it anywhere so thats on the menu for tomo nyt i think!
then i went home and was supposed to be going out for dinner with a girlfriend to see SATC2, but the weather was amazing so i invited her round and cooked and ate in the garden, what a treat, i made chicken breast in lemon juice, zest, garlic herbs a drizz of olive oil, with a large green salad and new potatoes, i managed to snap the salad but didnt get the chicken, incase she saw me and again thought i was bizarre! how do you cope with snapping food in front of people? what do you say about that?? do you come right out and say its for the bloggy? but does that not involve further explanation and funny looks!???

we went to the cinema saw SATC2 which i loved loved loved! then picked buddy up from watching the football, at which time he promised that although he might seem extremely intoxicated he wasnt as bad as he suspected he might look to me! oh dear oh dear!!
a good nights sleep followed then it was up and home in the morning - i was upset to leave our (not so little) "home" surrounded by lovely big shops and cinemas and head back to the midge infested wilderness that is the west coast of scotland! the sun was shining which didnt help!

the drive home was terrible, it took almost 8 hours, there were road works slowing things down at the start of the journey, followed by horrendous weather about half way up the country and at Glasgow the road was closed that we wanted and were diverted through the roughest parts of glasgow for over an hour!! grrrrrrrrr!
then we were met with more bad weather - well seen we're nearly home now!

but low and behold home had better things in store and it brightened up to welcome us back, which brightened my mood and i remembered what a pretty place we live in, its not big, its not equiped with facilites, and shops etc but all that will come in time, and for now this is home so best i buck up my mood and get back to reality!

we had roast at my mums for dinner last night to save me cooking, and after dinner i tried on my garter and veil for the first time ( i picked em up this wknd) and awwwwww love love love!!! it made my day!
i had an amzing nights sleep and was rudely awoken at 6.30am this morning reminding me that it really was back to reality and back to work.
Breakfast at my desk.......................oh how the mighty have fallen! no garden breakfasts for Neen today!!

so how was everyone elses wknds? did you all have fun??


  1. Arrhhhh.. .that looks just like my mum and dad's house - conservertry (sp?) and all. Know what you mean about taking pics of food!! Ha ha, I don't do it that often now. Looks like you had a great wkend. That rain cloud was over us for most of the weekend too!xx

  2. I know what you mean about taking the pics of food. I used to just use my iphone camera but its crap! My hubby and my mam and dad and sis plus my best mate all know about the blog, and I told my work mate about it so I can sometimes snap at work. Its a difficult one cause most people just don't get the food blogging thing. Plus I don't really want loads of people I know really well reading it, my blogs kind of like my diary! Looks like you had a really fun weekend! x

  3. Eek was that the road closed at The Rest? I managed to get home with my bro in tow ok today, weather was ok and not too many road works- thankfully :)
    I'm glad you had a good weekend, I love getting to civilisation now and then too!

  4. Hey Jo - no it was the M74 from carlisle to Glasgow closed at the junction where it takes you on to the M8, so i ended up headed for prestwick airport then in town thro the gorbels, parkhead etc, then tried to get back onto the M8 in the city centre and ended up diverted again right the way through the other side of town! NYTMARE!! hope you had fun at snowpatrol! the rainy mucky pictures are however of the rest! x

  5. Hey! yeah, the picture thing is sometimes a bit awkward. As im French, when we're out, I just play the tourist and it's fine haha. I dont take any at work. I snap my lunch in the evening when I get it ready. Boyfriend is fine about it. He always reminds me to take the pics haha.
    Awww, I wish we had a little house too with a garden for the bbq and sunbathing...well, maybe one day ;-)