Sunday, 27 June 2010

wholemeal pancakes and feel good vibes!!

Evening blogger friends! I hope everyone had a great wknd, mine was perfecto.

on Saturday we went to a bigger town close by (the one Jo from Thirty and Healthy lives in) to watch the raft race and have a ponder about, the "local produce" stalls that the internet advertised were non existent, but the weather was amazing, the town was really busy, and we met up with Jo.

before we left i made wholemeal pancakes, i used plan flour and baking powder and they didnt rise as much as i'd hoped and had spread a bit too much, nonetheless they tasted amazing, i tried dried blueberries in 2 and dried cranberries in 1, with a drizz on agave on top - i couldnt believe the staying power these had! they kept me full for HOURS!

I packed up lunch and some nibblers for the day and headed off. i felt pretty good about myself on saturday, i'd got some new tan to try out and thought it worked really well, all my clothes fitted perfectly (which makes a nice change) and i had noticed the night before whilst waiting for my tan to dry how much my body shape has changed, i hadnt noticed so much before but it really hit me on Friday night, and you know what, i'm pretty happy with how its changing! i'm by no means near where i want to be but i can feel i'm truly on the way now! i got loads of compliments on Saturday and i positively felt like i glowing from the inside out! i'm not meaning to blow or anything, i just want to record it here! we're all too good at recording the negatives and the bad feelings so today i'm going to record this wknd as a pretty good feeling wknd!

For lunch we had wholemeal rolls with tuna and a lil bit of mayo light, cucumber and avocado, i think i found my new fave sandwich filling! hmmmmm

On the way we stopped at the beach to try and wear Red out, she can get a bit excitable and loves to bounce, so when we know we're going to be around crowds or meeting other people who dont "know" Red, its aswell for her to be tired!

I love our local beaches, i really do appreciate how lucky we are to have them so close by!

For some reason i quite like photographing my feet! even if they are a little grubby from the beach!! heh heh!

It was pretty busy in town....

we met up with Jo, it was nice to introduce her to Buddy and Red

We had a lovely afternoon, Jo stayed out to play all afternoon, it was great to spend some time together!

I think Buddy was a bit perplexed with the food blog talking - its all new to him! heh heh!

When we got home my mum and dad had a BBQ on the go for us!
half a cheesy stuffed jacket potato, 1 sausage, 1 small chicken thigh, mushrooms, and mixed veg and salad, i went back for seconds of the grilled veg.
followed by an unpictured nectarine, and 1 small half and half shandy

Later i snacked on a banana with peanut butter and dark chocolate chips.

Breakfast this morning was the 2nd attempt at wholemeal pancakes, today i used wholemeal self raising flour, a t of ground flax, and 140ml milk instead of 160ml, it worked like a dream!! perfect pancakes, even buddy gave his seal of approval! he had plan with scrambled eggs, beans and bacon. I had 2 with blackcurrants from my dads patch, 1 with coconut, and the small one with dark choc chips. I wouldnt bother with the coconut again, the blackcurrants were really good little bubbled of sour in the pancakes and well the dark choc chips totally rocked! heh heh!!
Again these kept me full for hours! my new LOVE!!
Whole Meal Pancakes:
Makes 6
85g Wholemeal Self Raising Flour
140ml Skimmed Milk
1T ground flax (optional)
1 Egg
pinch of salt
mix all with an electric hand whisk (or vigorously with a whisk), heat your pancake pan up to SUPER hot, but only on a med heat if that makes sense! brush the pan with oil, and pour some of the mix into the pan (nows the time to any add its you want, blueberres, choc chips, cranberries, raspberries etc), it only takes about a minute for one side to cook, you'll know its cooked because the sides will bubble and go opaque and the pancake will lift easily, now flip em over, till cooked on the other side. keep warm in a low temp oven, and serve when thier all done with agave or maple syrup and your choice of some fresh fruit! hmmmm hmmmm!
these keep pretty well for about 2 days wrap em in tin foil, keep them in the bread bin, and when ready to reheat, throw them back into a hot pan for a sec or 30 secs in the microwave.

Yesterday i bought some Rye bread to try out.

i had it with salad and a little houmous and a little cottage cheese, on its own the bread isnt anything special, but when eaten with the houmous or cottage cheese its pretty good.
in fact my whole lunch was pretty deeelish, i didnt eat the frusli bar lurking in the background, i snacked on the peach later on.

i saved 2 pieces of the rye bread from my plate to have with my mums home made cherry jam! heaven! (thinking back now - PB would have rocked this!)

heres a little teaser for you! - my tiara sitting on my veil!!! eeeeeeeeee!
thats all your getting to see for just now - the whole outfit will be available to view as of 20th November!! heh heh!
i tried my dress on today, and almost fits! i've been working long and hard to get into this dress, and i havent tried it on for over 6 months, so i've been pretty scared to try it on lately and see how the progress is working out! i'm closer to it fitting that i'd thought i would be! so pleased!!

I spent the afternoon at my mums lounging in her garden on the deck next to the pool - it was wonderful! and i stripped my dads blackcurrant bush, then my mum fed me.......chicken thighs, steamed veg and a few small new potatoes

what a lovely wknd - full of feel good happenings!!!
night night all! see you tomo. xx


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! Its lovely that your feeling so great at the moment, just keep that feeling going! Your tiara looks very pretty, I bet your so excited x

  2. You did look excellent at the weekend but I have it from a reliable source that you have always looked good! I hope you don't mind I'm stealing the photos of us :) have a good week! Ooh and I'm wondering what website you use to count cals- I was thinking of checking it out!

  3. Neen you do look fab, all the hard work looking after yourself has really paid off. Quick question - which tan do you use?? I need a tan before wednesday!!

  4. Thanks girls.
    Jo - i use food focus dot co dot uk
    LME - I'll PM you about tan its too long winded - however in this pic its "body bronzing mousse" i've used. x