Saturday, 26 June 2010

Spending Spree

Morning bloggies, well its pay day in casa del neen! i freekin lovel pay day - i'm such a material girl, i know thats bad but there you have it!

i love shopping of any sort really, xmas shopping for pressies, clothes shopping for me or other people, accessories or toiletries shopping, food shopping, internet shopping! i think i have a bit of a spend compulsion!

but i do have to try and reign it in just now with saving for the wedding! every pay day i pop into my salon and treat myself to a new Jessica Nail polish, its my little treat!

And this month i've been selling my entire life on ebay! like 80% of my clothes no longer fit, so i've put them all on ebay, all the 18's the couple of sneaky horrid 20's and even a couple of 16's, so far in this last week i sold £90 worth of stuff, i also sold THE DRESS, you know the Coast dress that i'd bought for my sisters wedding, i blogged about it a couple of weeks ago, its black with white ribbon stripes down it, well it now gapes too bad at the chest and just doesnt fit right! so i never wore it!! oh dear! i managed to get £120 for it, though i did pay £160 for it a couple of months ago, expensive weight loss mistake! lesson learned - i promise!!

so with the money i've been making on ebay, i've treated myself to one or two bits n bobs for the honeymoon, tis very difficult to buy for the honey moon just now as i dont know what size i'll be, but as im a 16 just now, i reckon 12's in baggy flowy things like kaftan and sun dresses with elastic in them, also all the nice stuff is out just now if i wait till November to buy all the summer stuff will be gone, so i'm trying my best to do my holiday shopping now!

let me show you what i bought so far.

first up brekkie, podge, peaches, apricots, dates, pecans and linseeds

i didnt snap my morning apricots x 2 i dont wannt bore you with repetative pics every day, i also didnt snap my lunch, it was the usual salad, houmous, 2 x ryvita, there were work colleagues around again so i couldnt take the pic, and i also couldnt take the pic of the half a pack of fruit pastilles i ate (oopsy! it didnt take me over my cals though)

so heres my new nail polish, its california dreaming

this is yesterday - it looks even better today now i have a bit of tan on

while we were in this neck of the woods, i thought i'd show off my rock! i love my engagement ring, buddy picked it out all on his own, with no help or guidance or hinting (the engagement was a surprise), he even got the size right, he'd taken a ring that he'd noticed fit that finger with him, i think that was the most perceptive he'd ever been or is ever likely to be! heh heh! and funnily enough its THE RING i would have chosed had i have had chance to choose myself, i've always loved clusters.
the ring above it is Buddy's mums old wedding ring, i have to wear it to keep the engagement ring on, as with loosing 2 and half stone since getting engaged its too big now and slips right off, i dont want to not wear it and cant get it resized just yet as i'm not finished loosing weight, so i wear this on top, i'd rather wear the eng ring on its own obviously as it will feel more special when its finally teamed with my wedding ring but needs must, and i think its kinda nice anyway as it has sentimental value too.

afternoon snacks was the usual ICE COLD watermelon

after work i popped down to the health food shop and the grocerie shop, in the window of the grocerie shop they had a box of these, they look like regular peaches yeah?

nope! thier flat! and funny shaped! i asked the kid working there what they were and he shrugged and grumbled he didnt know but they were from spain, so i picked one up to try, i was convinced it was going to be a stoneless peach, but when i broke into it at tea time, it had a small peach like stone inside, and was white flesh like a white peach, and tasted like a white peach! how bizarre!!

i also picked up some canned pumpkin, i've seen this on some american blogs, used in podge etc, so i thought i'd give it a go. my local health food shop is amazing every time i go in i find another little gem that i thought i'd never be able to get here! i LOVE THIS SHOP!!
will report back on the pumpkin when i crack it open.

dinner was a little bit amazing! theres the funky peach on the left, leaves, and a grilled feast, halloumi, peppers, baby corn, mushrooms and courgette.

it was pretty dam good but a couple of hours later i was starving - note to self to bulk meals out a little bit more - so i had some crackers and cheese (unpictured sorry we had friends round) they still didnt take me over my cals so i'm cool!
i know i said i'd pic and blog everything i ate this week, but its proving a little bit difficult as somethings you just cant snap, so i promise to snap and blog everything i can and the rest i will confess too, how about that??
after dinner we went to watch a men v women charity football match - turned out pretty rubbish - the *women* were men dressed as women! and it was just poorly organised and lots of standing about getting eaten alive with midges! shame it could have been good! after that we went to the pub for a couple (i had 2 x malibu and diet cokes - only JUST taking me over cals) then we came home

so here's the stuff i bought, this is my new pink maxo dress, this is "one size" and really would fit most sizes, which is pretty handy given my current size changing stage of life! LOVE this! i actually bought this to wear over the summer, maybe it will make it to the honeymoon too

and a couple of beach cover ups - both size 12 (so thier going away in the suitcase till honeymoon time)

right then i'm off to try making these for the first time for breakfast for me n buddy

then we're off out to watch the raft race, its teams of people make thier own raft and in the harbour they have a course to race, i think its for charity, i hear theres a food and drink festivally thing going on with stalls with local produce etc (i'm a bit skeptical - as things round here can sometimes not be all thier cracked up to be - but we'll see), its cool though, i'm pretty excited coz we're meeting up with Jo,
see you later with a run down of the raft race and the "local produce" stalls!!
have a great day! xx


  1. Hiya! It was pay day for me yesterday too. So last night, I did some internet shopping and today some "normal" shopping. Love pay day and love buying stuff haha!!!!!

  2. Those tops are beautiful! And check you out in the pink dress. Ooo la la, I'm sure Buddy will be very proud to have you on his arm. Have a nice wkend chick xx

  3. Hi! You look gorgeous in that pink dress! Your eats looks fab too! I'm the same with shopping but I also need to reign it in, I need a money diet! x