Monday, 31 May 2010

time to get back on track

so after being sick at the end of last wknd i spent the whole wknd feeling pretty washed out and just generally tired!

i still dont feel 100% back on form today, so tired and pretty down in the dumps, think its just post sickness blues, cant think of anything else to lay my finger on that should/could be getting me down, i was in bed for 9.30pm last nyt, think another sleep marathon tonyt should see me back on form, and i think i need to get back into my routine! i'm taking it easy today, just work thats all. tomo i'll walk to and from work and wed i'll get back out for my run, i think thats a sensible ease back into it.

I also need to get back on the cal counting wagon, i feel a bit at a loose end, i've been watching what i ate all wknd, a few too many carbs, i was really craving them so i guess i needed something in them to aid recovery, and lots of fruit, my diet has been ok i just havent been weighing and counting, i neither had the energy nor the mojo for it! but we're back firmly on the counting and weighing wagon today! i have to get my head together, and my energy sorted out as its my sisters hen night on Friday night and we have my cousin and her boyf descending on us for the wknd - so i'll need my energy for that!
so heres some eats from over the wknd - it was a pretty amazing wknd for food!

saturday night i made a pizza with a wrap as the base, as suggested by Laura from Super Veggie - i'd never tried one before and well.....i'll be making them more regularly thats for sure! i loved it!! first up the wrap - with some tomatoe puree, and a little grated double gloucseter

topped with green peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, green olives and fresh basil

a little grated gruyer cheese and a drizzle of olive oil - popped it in the oven for 10 mins or so, i was going to make a monster salad to go with this, but i had a feeling that although i was ravenous my eyes were playing bigger than my tum, so i settled for the pizza wrap.
hmmmmmmm sooo tasty, like pizza, but like a wrap - funnily enough! amazing - pizza wrap, where have you been all my life!!

Then i could resist no long and cracked open one of those water melons..................
.................and ate a whole quarter to myself! - its my first water melon of the year - man i miss these when thier not in season!

for dinner last nyt i got frisky with the grill and grilled some corn cobs and some apple slices

and served with a monster pork chop - from the butchers from a local farm - twas the best pork we've ever had, with a HUGe strawberry and avocado salad made with romaine and some other tasty salad bits in there, topped iwth sunflower and pumpkin seeds and my Glorious Goddess Dressing, this was even better than saturdays pizza wrap, the pork was amzing - just baked on its own nothing else, the apple was so tasty grilled, i love avocado and strawb salad and the grilled corn.....well words fail me! this was beeetoooful! possibly the best dinner we've ever had! i think i'll always grill corn from now on, tis a completely different beast to boiled! i think i could even grill it more, coz the blackened bits were bestest!!

this morning i had rasps and podge with pecans and date, a great start to my hop back on the wagon day!

hope everyone had a good wknd!


  1. Your eats look great! I have a huge craving for watermelon! I saw it on another couple of blogs too but I keep forgetting to look for it when I'm at the shops x

  2. Ha ha, i've got you addicted to pizza wraps now eh?! SOOO much better than normal pizza arn't they?! You should try some feta / goats cheese crumbled on too, divine.

    Looks like you are very much back on track missus, I reckon you'll have a great weigh in this week. x

  3. I <3 pizza wraps. We've been having pizza pittas this past week :) So yummy.