Monday, 10 May 2010

Mondays - they aren't so bad really

well here's a run down of today, pretty good for a monday!

first up here's my new fat face (i love the label but really hate the name!!) bag isn't it cute!!

well as i promised in my pledges on friday - i went and had a mooch in
"cockles" my friends health food shop - i bought 3 different types of fruit/herbal teas - blackberry, Ginseng and vanilla - Cranberry, Raspberry and Elderflower and dandelion their all delicious!

i also bought MORE black beans (for the old faithfuls - avocado and black bean brownies! - took some to slimming world on thursday for our taster night, theres 15 of us there, i took 32 brownies and came home with 3!!), i also bought flaked almonds and dried sour morello cherries for my podge hmmmmm, and a little treat just for me a small bar of green and blacks dark chocolate (hmmm hmmm 1.5syns for 2 squares - which is just enough to be satisfied!)

here's my afternoon tea (dandelion of the sort - and my choco treat - i only ate 2 squares i promise, the rest is in my drawer!

food for today looks like this:

Bfast: Podge (B/A) cranberries (1s) pumpkin seeds (1s), stewed rhubarb (1s) - if you havent tried stewed rhubarb on podge yet - DO IT - DO IT NOW! its luuurvly!!

Snack: banana

Lunch: 1 ryvita (finish this am's B), veg box, 2x babybel light (A), half and orange

Snack: 2 squares of G&B dark Choc (1.5s), apple

Dinner: pork chop, baked in thyme and lemon, with roasted veggies (exact same as last night as they were so beeeooooootiful! Turnip, shallots, baby carrots, Bnut squash, roasted with thyme and paprika. hmmmm hmmm followed by watermelon

another day filled with gorgeous food!

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