Tuesday, 4 May 2010

review of goals

so i know i'm a day late but lets recap on lsat mondays goals

1. drink 3l of water EVERY day, especially with me being off on Friday and Monday this week thats 4 days off so i must keep an eye on water intake over this time check
2. eat less syns - i'm going to try and keep syns to under 10 EVERY day! allowing 2 days over my 4 day wknd to go to 15 syns. didnt stick to this
3. Run on Wednesday after work, Friday 8am, Sunday 8am check
4. stay positive all week, keep this mood going check
5. start my wedding invites on Tuesday didnt get this done
6. Sit my marketing exam (and pass it!) on Wednesday check - sat exam - no results back yet

well all in all i met most of my goals for the week, i'm pretty pleased about that! obviously got a couple of areas to work on but nothing drastic. time to set some more for the week ahead.

1. eat less syns - keep it under 10 syns a day allowing one day of going over for Saturday as we're out all day on a wedding mission day - so might be difficult to stay under.
2. dont drink alcohol - quiet wknd this wknd
3. Run Wed after work, friday nyt, sunday morning
4. if weigh in isnt a good one this week, dont be down, jump straight back up and get on with the next week
5. start making wedding invites on Wednesday night
6. get 1 evening studying (tonight) and one afternoon studying (sunday)

so these are my goals for this week i'm going to try really hard to get a check next to all of my goals.

i'm feeling a little delicate today, a bit washed out really after a big night out on sunday, i'm feeling a bit sorry for myself today actually, and i know i shouldnt but i'm beating myself up about Sunday, i've been so good for weeks now, weights been falling off, exercise is coming along brilliantly, and my new found generally healthy lifestyle, i'm loving it all, so why did i go and throw it all out the window on Sunday, jeopordise (sp) weigh in this week and make myself feel totally rubbish altogether! i ask myself was it worth it? definately not! i went out on Saturday afternoon, and had 1 bud, and 1 vodka and diet coke, followed by 2 plain diet cokes then went home. why was i so restrained then? and on sunday afternoon i was alternating the glasses of wine with glasses of iced water, so why did i let it all go in the end, in total on sunday i think i had about 5 glasses of wine in the pub and 2 at home, which isnt loads but my body certainly isnt happy about it! anyway, enough soul searching, its time to draw a line with alcohol i think, maybe i'm reaching the no or very little alcohol in my life stage. we'll see.

sorry for the bummer of a post, will try to get my head together for the rest of the day now!


  1. Sorry to hear your feeling crappy, it is because your disappointed in yourself for drinking, or as a result of the drink... or both?

    You did good alternating wine/water, just think if you'd just kept on the wine, you'd have probably had much more.

    Remember that 3 day weekends don't come along very often (other than the fact theres another at the end of the month), don't beat yourself up too much, you had a great week up until that point so hopefully it won't impact too much on your weigh in this week. If you can manage a couple of awesome days I'm sure you can pull it back. xx

  2. thanks Nic, i feel a little washed out from the mega late nyt i think, and to be honest the crap feeling, its mostly because i'm really dissapointed in myself! i should have called it a night at 9.30pm when we came home instead of bringing friends back and staying up half the night, thats what i'm most dissapointed in myself about i think, not so much that i drank, but that i lost self control! thanks for the pick me up talk! i'm sure i'll feel better tomo after another good nyts sleep and getting some college work under my belt tonyt. x

  3. Oh heck Neen, I have some disturbing and possibly shocking news for you....

    You're human :o

    Yep, I said it. Sometimes, all our best laid plans and good intentions go flying out the window without so much as a second thought. If these things didn't happen once in a blue moon, I'd be worried that you'd lost your love of life, to be honest, as you're clearly a very bubbly person!

    But having said that, you don't need the alcohol to be the life and soul of the party. So taking the positive spin on this post, you've done a great thing already, you alternated your drinks. Next time life throws a curve ball at you like this, you'll remember how crappy you felt, and you'll up the water and ditch a bit more of the wine. You'll still have a whale of a time, just without the hangover ;)

    K x x

  4. i know i know!! thanks chikki! was having a bad day yesterday! :-) x