Wednesday, 5 May 2010

from bad to worse to worse - deal with it!

well yesterday went from bad to worse to worse! i left work early to try and get my life together haha! i planned to go home and tackle the mountain of dishes that was passing as an excuse for a kitched, tidy the house, make A&BB brownies for slimming world on Thursday (its taster night), make dinner, have a shower and be sat down and ready to eat dinner when Ben got in from squash at 7pm, eat dinner and then study the night away and then have an early nyt and get my head together for today! good plan yes?! oh yes i thought so too. well i got home and realised i'd picked up my keys that morning but hadnt got the yale lock key out of my ipod armband, so that was it i was locked out, Ben was in the next town playing squash with my dad, Ben has a key and my dad has the spare DOH and it was only 5pm!! so off i went to the shops bought supplies for dinner and went to my sisters to comandeer her kitchen, arggghhh i hate cooking in other peoples kitchens, her knives are all blunt, she has like no ingredients, so i had to buy EVERYTHING i needed, so i fumbled my way through making tea put it in her oven and set up base camp on her couch with her lap top to waste 2 hours of my preciously planned out nyt. dinner ended up completely frazzle dazzled, i put it on the right temp and walked away for the right amount of time, but didnt occur to me that obviously this is not my oven which i know like the back of my hand, so it got FRIED!

Then Ben got home at 7pm i went home to be laughed at by Ben who just thought this was hilarious! i started manfully ploughing thro the dishes and trying to salvage dinner, make lunch for today and make brownies for class, needless to say by the time i had done all of that and eaten tea it was 9pm, cue shower and fall into bed for 10pm! NO STUDYING!! boooo! wot a disaster!

anyway, i woke up this morning refreshed and ready to go, today is session 3 of week 2, feeling a bit apprehensive about it due to my smoking slip on sunday along with the alcohol intake but i'll push on through and probably be a good opportunity for me to give myself a good talking to about bad habits ruinining my good ones! then i really really am going to start the wedding invites. so i'm feeling pretty good pottering around my clean and tidy kitchen making breakfast and packing lunch and i trapped my thumb in the cuttlery drawer HARD! i've got a cut at the base of my nail, there was blood and shooting pains up under my nail! cue REAL TEARS! arghhhhhh!

i wont let it ruin my resolve today though no matter how bad the pains under my nail still are! :-)

i've got a mega meeting this afternoon to minute and i could see it far enough, but the sun is shining and i shall spend the entire 4 hours thinking positive thoughts about my run! i promise!

Food yesterday wasnt all that great, i had my full 15 syns, and none of it was tasty it was all make do food. so lets draw a line here and step over it diet wise, I'M BACK!

lets plan food out for today:
Red Day

Bfast: podge, cranberries, banana (B/A 1s), tea, berocca
Snack: banana, yoghurt
Lunch: Ryvita, cheese (B/A) veg box, tangerines x 2
Pre Run: 5 apricots (2.5s)
Dinner: something with chicken thighs and lots of steamed veg

3l water


  1. Oh no poor Neenie. That story could soooo happen to me too - Mr E has 1 key (which he always leaves in the house as he's always out the longest) and FIL2b has the other... and guess what... they play squash! ha ha. Hope this doesn't happen to me!

  2. I'm sorry love, but I couldn't help laughing! Sometimes fate just conspires against us doesn't it, usually when we have the best intentions too... Ah well, on the flip side, it's got to get better from here, right? :P x