Wednesday, 12 May 2010

hump day

man i cant believe its Wednesday already! i cant wait for this wknd, we're doing NOTHING! a really quite wknd, and i'm pretty excited about it, we're both so busy lately - especially me, that we dont get so much time together so will be nice to have a whole wknd for each other!

today is session 3 of week 3 C25K i cant believe i'm almost done with week 3 already - in just 6 weeks time i'll be able to run approx 5k!! how amazing is that!

well lets look at yesterdays food for comparisons in CC v SW

Red Day

Bfast: Podge (A/B), 12g dried sour morello cherries (hmmm) (2s), 7g flaked almonds (2s), strawberries (343cals)
snack: 1 square of G&B dark choc (0.75s), banana - (107cals)
Lunch: 1 Ryvita (end of this am's B) 2 x bbybel light (A), veg box, 1/2 orange, 2almonds and 1 brazil nuts (2s) (195 cals)
snack: apple, 1 square of G&B dark choc (0.75s), grapes (107 cals)
Dinner: Lamb chops, mint sauce, sprouts, roasted Bnut sqsh, turnip, shallots, carrots followed by water melon and strawberries (syn free) (472cals)
snack: 3 crispbreads, peanut Butter (B + 3syns) (198cals)

total SW - 1.5A, 2B, 10.5syns
total cals - add in fruit teas - 1417 - i had a total of 1481 cals to use yesterday including exercise cals so i under ate by 64 cals

not a bad comparison Slimming world came in just under my full allowances as did my calorie intake

the interesting point here is that i should have been allowed 1297 cals but that was upped by exercise, so if i hadnt exercised then my SW eating plan would have taken me over allowance by 120cals. - SW makes no allowances in the eating plan for exercise.

maybe i would be better results by following CC - because its more accurate, also i dont mind all this weighing etc, i'm a bit obsessive about whatever my current interest is anyway so counting and weighing isnt a problem!


  1. Got to admit, I don't bother logging my fruit/herbal teas. I figure the cal content in them is minimal compared to regualr tea/coffee with milk, so don't really see the necessity.

    You're right, it is interesting seeing the correlation between cals and syns, and that you'd technically be 'over' without the exercise cals... I think (only think, mind you)that SW and WW are both geared towards a 1-2lb a week loss, so that would explain the discrepancy, you're working right at the upper limit of that, calorie wise.

  2. how many fruit/herbal teas do you drink in a day on average?

    yeah i think you'r right that would explain the discrepancy, but this day was a pretty good day i could easily have eaten yoghurts, more fruit 0.5 more A's and 4.5 more syns, which would have taken me even further over CC but still within limits for SW, its a bit of an eye opener - like my office mate eats LOADS of FREE/SUPERFREE foods and cant understand why SW isnt working for her like its working for me, i cant seem to explain the ideas behind what i'm doing to her though. i gues its a little bit misleading in some ways!