Saturday, 29 May 2010

Glorious Goddess Dressing

sorry for blogging AGAIN this afternoon but i just whipped up some Glorious Goddess Dressing! "The Barefoot Contessa" made an adaptation of the traditional Goddess Dressing on some show i was watching the other day and i in turn made my own variation on her variation this afternoon! its YUMMY!

heres here variation:

for my variation:

1 mini food processor (although of course any food processor small, mini or regular will do!)

60g Mayo Light
60g reduced fat Creme Fraiche
12g Spring Onions (approx 2 or 3)
20ml lemon juice (approx juice of 1 lemon)
salt and pepper

10g Fresh Basil

pop it all in the food processor.................

and BLITZ that baby up!................

taste...check your happy with it.............tub it up and pop it in the fridge ready to have with dinner!!......................yummy

she used anchovy paste - i dont like anchovies, and hate the thought of them too, so i subbed that for dijon mustard............that batch went in the bin!! ewwwww!
then i made it as above but only using the juice of half a lemon, tasted it and it needed the extra zing, so i squeezed the other half lemon in and hey presto........Glorious Goddess Dressing!
i worked it out at 297 cals for the whole recipe and i reckon this tub will be about 10tbsp of dressing, and working on me having 1tbsp per serving its 30cals per serving.


  1. That looks so nice! I need a food processor! All I have is a smoothie maker and a stick blender. The stick blender might work....

  2. yeh i think the stick blender will work fine hun. i've got a big kenwood beast of a food processor and blender, but i picked this little one up at easter, great for just little things, it was only about £14. x

  3. That's a good bargain, I was looking in Argos and they range from £20 - £180+! I want to make bean burgers too!