Sunday, 23 May 2010

the beach

oh how i love the beach! i feel like i'm in training for our honeymoon although mexico will be like 3 times as hot as Scotland heh heh!
so after our walk yesterday we went to the beach, its a 5min drive to this one, theres loads around here coz we're on the coast, but this one had what we wanted, flat beach, sand, a grassy camping area that we could chill out on when it got too hot on the beach, picnic benches for lunch, tada! perfecto!
we spent about 3 hours there, 1 hour strolling along the beach about an hour lying on the beach then we picnic-ed on the grassy area, bliss!
heres some snaps:

say hello again to MrNeen! isnt my boy gorgeous!

and heres me (MsNeen) looking not so gorgeous! what can i say its hot out, i'm slathered in suncream and no make up! not such a great look - unlike the effortlessness that is MrNeen! hohum! i scrub up well i promise! heh heh
and Red too.....cant forget our furry friends! she likes to dig whether it be the beach or my dads garden she doesnt care she happiest when she's digging!
yeah she likes to swim too....well i say swim, its more or a paddle really that sometimes get a little out of control and accidentally turns into a swim! heh heh!
a little action shot!
how peaceful does this look! i'd love to have a boat, haha well i say i'd love to have a boat, MrNeen says i love the idea of a boat, i couldnt be bothered with the hauling it in and out of the water, and the upkeep and spends on it etc, and i guess he's right! could tots picture myself lying on a bit white boat with cocktails!!
so theres our afternoon at the beach, twas completely glorious!
next up as i was feeling so snap happy this weeked i snapped my way through my run this morning, the next post will be for that, its really pretty!!
catchya! x


  1. Ooooh I am so jealous. Looks beautiful - as do you in your pink top :) x