Tuesday, 25 May 2010

yummy eats

so since making the leap to calorie counting from slimming world, i'm really starting to feel like i can live again, most of what i'm eating fits just fine around slimming world but there are things that i'm eating that wouldnt have fit around the plan but are within my sights on cc, its glorious and just a little bit liberating - to be able to eat the things i want when i want and just making sure that i count it into my day, i need to have a bit more self control in some ares, like i could quite easily eat crisps every day if i so desired but i'm having self control and i'm not, but in other areas i've got so much more freedom like being able to eat healthy treats like dried fruit and nuts and seeds and peanut butter and avocados! all things that are good for you in moderation but are high in syns on slimming world - it feels amazing to release myself from these binds!

so heres some yummy eats from yesterday, since changing over to cal counting my food every day has been tasty and more adventurous, i love cooking and always have done but have felt restricted over the last year, its so great to get back in the kitchen and cook up a storm!

lunch was 2 rice cakes, raw veg, 2 baby bels and 100g of chicken fajita filler, this is gorgeous! and for 140cals for the 100g its well worth it, the ingredients list looked good. think i'll try and replicate it at home though to have with lunches through the week! i didnt eat the tangerine though coz it was a wrinkly and dry when i peeled it! boooo

Dinner was even better: olive pasta this was the first time i've tried olives, having been sent them by graze by mistake i thought i should give them a go so i cooked some pasta then put it in a pan with a little olive oil, some green pesto, fresh cherry tomatoes, 1 sun dried tomato chopped small, loads of fresh basil, some green olives chopped up, and some ground dry garlic, all heated through till the cherry toms are wrinkling and the basil has wilted, served topped with a little grate gruyer cheese and some fresh basil, with a large salad on the side.

hmmmm this was amazing - olives will definately be making a regular appearance in casa del neen from now on! (although Mr neen wouldnt even entertain the idea of trying it!) it was so good i'm having it again tonyt! the flavours were just so fresh and went together perfectly the ideal summer evening meal!

hope everyones having a nice day, the sun is shining again today! i love this so much!


  1. Oooohh your plates resemble mine!! :) All bright and full of yummy salads. As for the weather - it's back to normal here, about 14c and not much sun! Glad you like the olives, Mr E isn't keen on them either! You should save some cals this weekend and have a healthy pizza with them. Either a pitta bread / flat wrap / make your own base, with some pesto/chopped tomato base, veggies (chicken too if you wanted), olives and cubed goats cheese. Yummers!

  2. Your eats look lovely! I love olives, I only tried them recently but now I'm hooked. I'll have to think of more recipes to eat them in though!