Wednesday, 26 May 2010

week 5

OMG i cant believe i've got to week 5 of c25k already! thats mental! i'm feeling very positive about it! its a lovely day today perfect running conditions, the sun is shining but the wind is blowing gently, enough to cool me down but not too much to make it difficult to run!

i've also been walking to and from work this week which adds in an extra hour of walking every day! i'm pretty pleased about that. we work in the next town to where live, so we drive to work, then i'm going to MrNeens work and walking from there to my work, its a nice route, a woodland walk but its tarmac-ed for walking and cycling etc, very pretty! i feel better already for adding in the extra exercise. theres a small village about 3 miles away from where we work that we need to pass through on the way to work, so i might get MrN to drop me there one day next week and walk to work along the canal to work taking approx an hour then walk back to MrN's work taking half an hour that would be an even better improvement! i tell you i'm starting to really look forward to starting my weights programme i've got new rules of lifting as my bed time reading jsut now so once i've finished reading it i "think" i'll kick off with the weights programme! i'm a bit worried about all these lunges and stuff, with a barbel coz we really dont have much space in the living room, you cant move about too much with MrN's barbel or you touch the walls and theres no space for that in the bedroom, i also cant get a ball or a bench till we move in January, so hopefull i'll be able to make do till then!

heres some eatsies:

i bought some cauldron moroccan pate the other day to try i had it today on rice cakes with veg, ummm it was ok i wouldnt rave about it, dunno if i'd buy it again, i liked it but i didnt love it!

last nyt for dinner i went ahead and had olive pasta again hmmmm twas deeelicious! i had it topped with shaved parmesan (doesnt look as pretty in the pic but i can assure it was even better than grated!), served with a salad (like my funky plate? - i've had it for ages and only really use it to put nibbles out on if we have guests thought it was nice as a salad plate), and a slice of my mammie home made 5seeded bread she made specially for me! coz she knows how much i love seeds! its multigrain bread made with linseeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds through it! bless her! its soooo good i'll have to really ration myself though, i could easily eat the whole thing in one go!


  1. Where did you find that pate? They've stopped selling it round here, can only get the mushroom one and I'm not a fan of that at all...

    I can't believe you're on week 5 already, yu're flying through it. Have you found it okay, hit any toughies yet? I'm sure there's a big jump in week 5 somewhere but you're bound to sail through it :)

    Re the barbells, as you know my gym is pathetic in terms of equipment so I've been using dumbells for everything. Hasn't done me any harm and would probably help you keep all your walls intact ;)

  2. Looks great Neenie!! I'm getting out for walks loads more at the minute. We often get up at 6am and do an hour with Zeus, then come back and get ready for work - means I don't have a sweaty bod for work!! Might be an option with your pooch?
    Today it's chucking it down in the northeast. So i'll dig out the anorak when I get in and off out to get muddy and soaked through!!

  3. Kat - they sell it in the co-op. i cant believe its week 5 already, where has the last month gone! no real toughies yet, i think the beginning of week 3 was a struggle, but that could be more to do with the drinking binge i had that wknd than the actual running! haha! tonyts programme looks ok, but the next session has 8minute runs in it ohhhhh "insert scared face!"

    thanks for the tip on barbels/dumbells! do you think i'll manage to get kick started without a bench of ball?

    LME - we have showers at work so its not too bad really, we already get up at 6.30 to get to work, not sure i'd manage up any earlier that that. we'll see though once running in the evening gets tougher due to the heat!