Friday, 14 May 2010

what a busy week

Wow i was soooo busy yesterday at work then i was out last nyt at Weigh in then at my mums so didnt have chance to update for Wednesday - so quick as i can i'm going to give a quick run down of the end of the week, then i'll dedicate more time laters for a proper post.

i lost 3.5lb this week at weigh in! i'm soooo happy with that, what a really great loss, i'm working hard for it at the moment - although i'm really in the zone right now so it's all coming quite naturally to me and not feeling like hard work at all. my SW leader asked me how i'd lost 3.5lbs what had i done this week, so i told her i've been cleaning up my diet and using syns for dried fruits and nuts and meal ingredients and not on crap thats refined and bad for me, she wasnt really interested in this coz i suppose it goes against SW somewhat in that its not focussed on "healthy foods" for syns etc, she said oh thats good a wee change around everynow and then is always good, dont forget if you want something like chocolate etc jsut to count it in your syns dont deprive yourself, obviously she's only trying to help on one hand and make sure i'm not trying too hard - but i cant help but think her comment was a little for the rest of the group as perhaps she didnt want to advocate what i'm doing as that might make others in the group who are already struggling try and live up to my change in use of syns, or maybe i'm being too synical and looking into it too much - eitherway since i've vocalised my thoughts on SW i'm rapidly becoming more synical about it and feeling soooo ready to do my own thang! i feel like i dont need a class to tell me how it is now!!

anway i'll push on with going to class anyway for the time being coz i'm not sure how i'd fare without having the weekly weigh in at class and being answerable to a group. but this week i'm going to calorie count and disregard the rules and regs of SW, i know i said i'd keep up the dual system for another week but its annoying me and i'm itching to see how i get on a week of doing my own thing - hopefully it wont be a flop and i'll have a gain at class next week.

if my fellow bloggies who calorie count could keep a wee eye on my daily food diaries for anything that jumps out at them this week i'd be so grateful for the support!

as i missed a couple of days blogging i'm not going to bog you down with endless food diaries but jsut to note on Wednesday i used 17.5syns of the 15 allowance, 2B's and 2A's so just over full capacity - but i under ate by 59 cals as i'd earned 185 cals through exercise. obviously this didnt affect my weight loss seens how i lost 3.5lb. i had the usual podge for brekkie, with fruit, dried fruit and seeds, crispbreads and humous and veg box for lunch, some fruit through the day, 2 egg white and 1 egg mushroom and onion omlette for dinner - the thing that took me over my syns was my protein arrived on wednesday and as i'd just been for a run i was desperate to try it out hehe! i really liked it, strawberry flavour. but notably it didnt take me over my cals for the day - i'd have underate quite a bit more if i hadnt have had the shake on cals.

Thursday - was a pretty good day too again i underate in cals by 29 so thats just fine - no extra cals earned from exercise. on SW side i had 1A, 1B, 18.5syns - so as i was on an EE day i overate on SW again . i had the usual podge combo for breakfast, cripsbreads and humous and veg for lunch, and chicken in basil, white wine, garlic and lemon for dinner with a grean salad and some jersey royals.

the results are interesting from the last few days - some days i've hit spot on cals but underate on SW, and some days i've hit spot on SW but underate Cals, some days i've overate on SW but hit almost spot on with cals. i'm not sure what this means - but i do know that i've been more comfortable on the cals side this last week.

so this week i'm going to throw caution to the wind and eat things i wouldnt normally eat on SW - still healthy like say a wholemeal pitta, etc, and cal count and aim to get spot on each day with cal counting and see what the results weild on thursday!

lets have a look at last weeks goals and see if i met them:

1. eat less syns - keep it under 10 syns a day allowing one day of going over for Saturday as we're abroad all day on a wedding mission day - so might be difficult to stay under. (i'll allow 20 syns for saturday) hmm not sure i got to target on this but i'm not fussed after the little epiphanies i've been having this week with regards to SW.
2. dont drink alcohol - quiet wknd this wknd - bingo achieved
3. Run tonight, Sunday 8am, Wednesday night - achieved
4. loose 2lb this week - more than achieved with a loss of 3.5lb
5. study day on sunday - at least 4 hours - acheived plus more during the week have made great progress with the books this week!
6. drink 3l water every day, to include berocca and more fruit teas, i go through phases, where i cant get enough to where i dont drink any, they'r good for you, and taste great too, so aim to stock up on more varieties and drink more of them - spot on every day
7. use syns for good wholesome foods that have benefits to them instead of naughties - spot on again!!

Wowsers wot a good week for goals!! lets set some more for this week!

1. - stick to daily calorie allwoance every day - as this is an experimental week i think its important to stick to the allowance every day and see the true results of a whole week
2. - incorporate protein shakes into my diet post exercise - but not taking me over on cals
3. study more this weekend the week ahead putting myself in the ready position for the next exam
4. - drink 3l water every day, to include berocca and plenty fruit teas
5. - loose 2lb (i hope this works out ok due to my experiment!)
6. - run 3 times - Friday, Sunday, Tuesday

i think that will do for now - some pretty achiveable goals and some high hopes from the experiment - i hope next fridays post is as positive as this one!

i'm going to continue to review the day befores food each day, as i'm a bit unsure of this whole thing just yet - so will be difficult to plan it 100% till i find my feet.

here goes - wish me luck!! x


  1. Good luck my duck. Yes it sounds like your consultant isn't keen on advocating a different plan. As SW is designed for people in transition who still "need" their choccy fix, she was probs just mentioning it for the rest of the group. It does sound like you are ready to graduate though.

    I will try and keep you right with the food diaries. You still have to be careful with things like pitta - they can be quite high cals in respect of how full you get from them. I usually have them on friday night as a pizza base, and then on the odd occasion with bean chilli for dunking. In fact i've pretty much cut down my bread intake to the bare minimum which has really helped me lose the weight and the "bloat".

    Keep up the good work, you will be in your next stone bracket soon with all these losses! How much have you lost in total now?

  2. thanks LME - noted about the pittas - TBH i think i'll be carrying on much as i have been - lets face it if it aint broke dont fix it! i suppose it will just be a slight variation on what i'm eating every now and then a bit more freedom in some respects and more restraint in other areas (i.e. no "free pasta - to eat as much as you like - seems a bit absurd to me now!) and a different way of recording! x

  3. Great Post!

    I think you're ready. Go for it.

    I think i'll be following your lead post honeymoon. Bit scared at the moment as so close to the wedding.