Sunday, 23 May 2010

its like being on holiday

this hot weather really makes me feel like i'm on holiday! yesterday was a really great day! we got up early and decided to take Red for a hike, the trail leads up to the castle (ruins from Robert the Bruce's Castle) up the hill beyond it to the top, along a forrestry track a the top of the hill then down at the end of the village and back along the road. it took us about 2 hours.

tell me how does Red know when we wake up that its Saturday and we're getting ready to go out, before we're dressed, we're making tea and she's running around like she's got ants in her pants jumping at the front door, she knows something dramatic is going to happen and it involves her, but on a week day she stays in bed till its time to leave and drop her at my parents when we head to work! HOW DOES SHE KNOW??
so heres some snaps from yesterday:

here's whats left of Robert the Bruce's castle - he had a few, but this was one of them, it used to run all the way along the hill, and you can go round the site. the harbour wall and alot of the old houses on the harbour front are made from the stones from the castle after it was burnt down, we used to live in one of these houses when i was growing up.

once we got about half way up i kid you not there were cobwebs everywhere! it was really freaky, there were hundreds of thousands of them, i've never seen anything like it, i wonder if its spider baby time! really made me shudder thinking about falling into the bushes! ewwww

i was glad to pass them by!!

also about half way up it didnt look like the mist was going to burn off in time for us getting to the top, i really wanted it to coz i really wanted to take pics of the spectacular view from the view point, out the harbour mouth and up the loch to the ocean, its breathtaking.

here we're heading up the first steep part, say hello to Mr Neen!

still no sign of that mist burning off yet!

and up again, this one is ALOT steeping than it looks here - its almost vertical at times, and the incline continues past the top where you can see.

now we're at the top - you should be able to see the amazing views from here but alas the pesky mist didnt clear in time! oh well i'll just have to go again so you guys can see the view!
after we came back from the hike, we fueled up on breakfast and then headed to the beach, which i'll post about laters coz we're off back out again now!
love love! x


  1. Your walk looks beautiful, this weather is so lovely for a change, I just really hope that it stays! x

  2. Arhhh just my kinda walk! Zeusy would love that! Zeus is the same by the way too. He knows when I put my trainers on it involves him. When I put my heels on, it means he can go back to bed!! LOL. Fab pictures, and how weird all those cobwebs?!