Monday, 24 May 2010

cyclists/walkers and strange names places!

Morning peeps - hows everyones monday going? i had such a good wknd i feel totally refreshed today and ready for whatever this week throws at me!!

thought i'd share the last of our wknd shenanigans with you - yesterday morning after my run and breakfast we headed out the golf course to walk along the lane there to the little village, i've no idea how far it is actually! but we were going at a steady pace and it took us 2 hours with a little 20 min detour off along a foresrty track to let Red off the lead so she could jump in the river, it was so hot and she really struggled with the heat bless her!

so heres the pics from yesterday........

How Rude - Mrneen should NOT be taking phone calls on our lovely little outing!

awww look at the deeries! theres a deer farm along this road...

this is the forestry track we took red up to let her off - prizes for those who can pronounce it!! heh heh! - even i struggled to pronounce this one!!

on our way home we met my sister and her familio, they were cycling to Torniturk (the little village we had just walked to - great minds eh!)
this is my youngest neice insistent on wearing Auntie neens glasses!

this is the Neenie sister familio! say hi to the cyclists!

and the walkers (no kids in our camp yet! - just furry friends)

so thats it our lovely holidayish wknd, i could live with this! i hope we have a nice summer and can get out and about lots, its good for the mind, body and soul!!

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  1. My god - it's a bit like that in Wales too with the big names!! Looks like you had a fabby weekend, not too disimilar to ours! x