Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Calorie Counting V Slimming World

Let the battle commence!

so i've been feeling like i've outgrown Slimming world lately, i feel like i'm not getting anything from going to group - i certainly put in alot more than i get out - the group members and the consultant regularly to look to me for advice, and whilst i love my consultant and my group is a friendly bunch and in the past thier support as a whole has been invaluable to my journey, i'm flattered to be relied on for advice and sometimes it makes me all fuzzy and warm knowing i'm helping someone - i do wonder 1st up why i'm spending £20 odd a month to give out advice and get weighed, and also if i wouldnt better placed calorie counting anyway!

so the project begins here, from now till weigh in next thursday i'm going follow SW like i always do, and count the calories by logging on food focus at the same time, i'm not going to change anything - stage 1 is simply to see how my SW diet plan shapes up for calorie counting. stage 2 will be perhaps the week afterwards and that will involve a slow change in tact from SW to CC, and see how that measures up on FF and how it measures up at weigh in, i might keep this up for 1 or 2 weeks, then in week 4 (stage 3) i'm going throw caution to the wind - and move fully from the SW way to 100% CC and see how that feels on a day to day basis and how it measures up at SW weigh in that week - then i'll evaluate the whole situation!

maybe i'll stick with class till after the wedding for the saefty net of having a group and weigh in and i'll stick to SW plan too then take the bold leap to CC after the big day, or maybe i'll stick with class for the safety and support but CC, or maybe i'll be inspired by my own success and go it alone (i have a feeling i'll stick with class till after the big day but maybe CC) - who knows - lets see how the next 4 weeks play out and then we'll re-evaluate - i'll be keeping a very very tight rein on it though coz at this stage in the game i cannot afford to deviate from a regular 2lb a week loss, which is why i'm not just going it alone now!

so anyways i think we'll need to look at the day befores diary to compare syns v cc

my current daily cal allowance is 1248 with no excercise
my currnet daily syn etc allowance is 2xB, 2xA, 15syns - red day

so here's yesterday

Bfast: Podge (B/A), cranberries (1s), pumpkin seeds (1s), stewed rhubarb (1s) Pear (cals - 313)
Snack: banana (cals - 90)
Lunch: 1x ryvita (finish of B from this morning), 2 x Babybel light (A), small veg box, half an orange (cals 171)
snack: 2 squares of G&B Dark choc (1.5s), apple (cals 170)
Dinner: pork chop, roasted Bnut squash, turnip, shallots, carrots, steamed cabbage (cals - 328)
Dessert: strawberries and watermelon (cals - 83)

total SW - 4.5syns, 1 x B, 2 x A ( i usually eat both B's i think i forgot yesterday!)
total Cals - 1156

so i came under on both SW and Cals - but aside from the B's and A's nothing was weighed, so these are rough guestimates.

i think this is really interesting and am looking forward to seeing the stats for the comparisons week and the results for the swap week!


  1. Neen, this is interesting and something i've been playing with for a while.

    just a point though - if you'd had your second "B" (e.g. 2 x Nimble bread) that would be an extra 100 cals and if you'd had another 10 syns that would be another 200 cals approx sending you over on the cals.

    I've been starting to think about what free food you choose and how you spend your syns. For instance a muller light is about 100 cals and free or some pasta is high in cals but free, but a Hi-Fi is about 120 cals and 6 syns. So i've been trying to have less "free" and spend more syns to make it count!

  2. hey - yup its interesting isnt it! i've been reflecting over it quite a bit lately. yeah if i'd have had another B and just a few more syns that would have probably brought me to around my target cals, and if i'd have eaten all my extra syns would have taken me over, what i've been doing lately anyways is trying to keep syns low on non exercise days and closer to 15 on excercise days, so would prob fit well with this.

    to be honest just looking at yesterdays and my working progress that is todays (will post tomo) i dont think it will be too much of a jump to CC instead of SW, not too much change, maybe a little more freedom in some areas and a little tighter in others - i'm starting to feel ready for the challenge though! good to know its been on your mind too - not just me becoming obsessive!! :-)