Friday, 7 May 2010

fresh beginnings!

hey hey its friday!! YAS!!! this week has been long and horrible, but its friday today and i'm feeling refreshed and raring to go, my mojo is back this morning, getting weighed last nyt for a gain and having a good talk to myself and setting some plans in motion has brought me back to life.

first on todays agenda is the promised setting of goals, lets forget whats gone before, this is the new "goal setting Fridays" routine, i think it will set me up for a good wknd, thus setting me up for a good wk, as i see the wknd as the real base of my "good weeks" good wknds = good wks! bad wknds = bad weeks! maybe if i can get most wknds good ones, then by setting these goals on a friday, if the wknd does collapse i can keep the goals in mind. anyway i ramble!!

1. eat less syns - keep it under 10 syns a day allowing one day of going over for Saturday as we're abroad all day on a wedding mission day - so might be difficult to stay under. (i'll allow 20 syns for saturday)
2. dont drink alcohol - quiet wknd this wknd
3. Run tonight, Sunday 8am, Wednesday night
4. loose 2lb this week
5. study day on sunday - at least 4 hours
6. drink 3l water every day, to include berocca and more fruit teas, i go through phases, where i cant get enough to where i dont drink any, they'r good for you, and taste great too, so aim to stock up on more varieties and drink more of them
7. use syns for good wholesome foods that have benefits to them instead of naughties

i think thats all for now, should be enough to keep me on balance.

next up is today's food:

Red Day:

Bfast: Podge (A/B), 11g cranberries (1s), 3.5g sunflower seeds (1s), banana
snack: avocado and black bean brownie (2.5s), half a punnet of blueberries
lunch: 1 ryvtia (other part of this am's B), cheese (other part of this am's A), veg box, banana, apple
Snack: apple, cheese (A)
pre run: 5 x apricots (2.5s)
dinner: roast chicken, runner beans, sprouts, butternut squash, jersey royal potatoes (B) - if you can find these GET SOME - thier wonderful just now, just the size of grapes and soooo tasty!

so thats a good start to the week i think.

i need to think hard about food for tomorrow an EE day i think would be best, bfast we've decided to pack up and take with us, so mayb's a bacon sandwich and an egg salad sandwich with some fruit is in order, i always get nibbly on journeys esp ones that go over a meal time. lunch will be veggie restaurant with Kat, so thats cool if we try and order a biggish meal, and i try and stick to plan for this - making that our main meal of the day, dinner, we'll be on the road at dinner time, and having left home at 5am that morning i dont think i'll be able to pack up dinner. maybe a pit stop at an M&S services is the best idea - they do a wonderful edamame salad so that and some other picky bits would do maybe.

so thats all for today folks, glad its friday and glad i'm "back" i feel normal again, looking forward to my run tonyt. will report back laters if i go for a repeat session from week2 or if i brave a session from week 3. xx


  1. be brave! go for week 3. you'll get through it and feel great!

  2. I shall try my best not to let you eat cake tomorrow then :) The veggie cafe does have a good selection of salads usually too! M&S is a great idea for travelling food, it's always my pitstop of choice too.

  3. Love how you refer to England as "abroad" you're dead cute! Yes I loooovvveee M&S, I also looovvveeee Burger King veggie burgers to though (inserts shameful face)!! Good luck this wkend, take a big 2l bottle of water for the car. Oh and about eating less sysns - I though on SW you had to eat at least 10 per day??? But good idea about eating the 'correct' sysn rather than the cakey stuff. Have a lovely weekend. x

  4. i'm feeling brave Gayle - i might just push it baby!

    Kat - no cake - unless it particularly unusual and wonderful looking cakeness! no wasting syns on bog standard choc cake etc ok! deal! :-)

    LME - i lurvvve going to England, i get real excited when we're going on our travels downwards that it almost feels like we're going abroad! plus it takes so flippin long to get there it might as well be "abroad"!

    hmmmm i discovered Burgerking whoppers while were "abroad" at easter, man those bad boys are yuhummy! i will resist and stick to M&S tho as thats yummy goodness!

    yeah you are meant to have around 10 syns per day, the max being 15, but i get kinda cheeky, so if i hover around 10 - 15 i inevitable end up over 15. so i figure if i try hover around 7ish, and get cheeky its all good!! hope y'all have loverly wknds too!!