Thursday, 6 May 2010

yoohoo......mojo......are you there????

right now seriously lets have a lil talk! this week has not gone well, not one bit, my binge on sunday really threw me off balance, health/fitness/motivation..........its all gone for a ball of chalk! this is not good. i've been working so hard at it all lately why have i let 1 (12 hour all be it) binge ruin the whole week!


thats my line, and this is me stepping over it, enuf is enuf Neen!

i got weighed tonyt and gained 1.5lb!!!!! no good can ever come from partying too hard!

so this is it, i've made my lunch for tomo, planned my dinner, started planning for my big adventure abroad on saturday, where i plan to keep syns at around 15, and as soon as i'm back on sat nyt, it will 100% back into it! this is my pledge and i promise to stick to it!

i've been thinking today about these weekly goals i set myself, i think i'd prefer to set them on a Friday morning, i weigh in on thursday nyts, then i do my meal plan for the week, i then shop for the week on friday morning, so i think i'd feel better setting my goals then, which might set me up for the wknd instead of on a monday when its quite frankly a little late sometimes!

so i will be back in the morning to set fresh goals for the week ahead, along with a food diary.

oh a side note, if you like pasta, you MUST try Riccioli, its like spirals, not twisty like bog standard twisty pasta, but actual little curly spirals, anyway it tastes wonderful! try it!!

Right i'm off to try sliced apple with cinamon sprinkled on it, like some fellow bloggers seem to like - will report back xx


  1. mmmn, I love a sliced apple with cinamon, Mr H likes it too... and so do the pugs!

  2. yes the cinamon apple was quite delishious! whats this "maca" that they put on it too? anyone know? and is it "free"??

  3. It's a herbal supplement. Google it.

  4. hmmm i did, but i couldnt figure out if it was adding to the taste or health benefits? and if it would be free or syns!

  5. Probably adding to the health benefit primarily. Anything that helps with erectile dysfunction among other things is enough for me to give it a miss :P

  6. Oh and syns wise, its probably free or hardly worth counting. Berocca is something like 2 syns over a week if you have it every day, but I never bothered counting it.

  7. well i did wonder when i saw the health beenfits it offers! but wondered why so many girls take it! never mind, not worth it. good to know about berocca, i couldnt find the syn value anywhere! not that 2 syns over a week is worth sweating, thanks x