Saturday, 15 May 2010


what a great day today is, we've done.........not a whole lot really!!

i got up this morning and took Red out for a good long walk, stopped by my mums at the end of the walk and she made me breakfast (bless her), poached eggs, hmmmmm! i talked to her about the whole SW v CC thang, and she agrees i'm getting a bit beyond SW now and this isnt anything i cant do on my own, we had a great conversation really and she was dead supportive, coupled with a hug from my dad saying theres not much left of me to hug haha! so that was a nice way to start the day. i came home and pottered about for a bit, i made cashew fudge babies (recipe from Kat, but originally from chocolate covered katie i think) dont they look scrummy!! yes we had one each and they are a huge thumbs up in this house hmmm hmm thanks Kat!!

then i made (Kats recipe again, again thanks Kat haha) almond oaty bars - these were also scrummy, and yes we had one each and yes they are a huge thumbs up in this house, although these more with me than Ben!!

oh heres a little pic of Red to share with you, isnt she lovely! she likes to sunbathe as you can see! thats decorating dust sheets she's sunbathing on not our couch i promise, our couch is much prettier and a whole lot less grubby!! heh heh!

i'm going to try and put more pics in my blog coz i know i prefer reading blogs with pics in so maybe the few peeps who read mine prefer piccys too! anyway they make it more interesting.

yesterdays food went pretty well! day 1 of cal counting!!

i had a run yesterday, session 1 of week 4 c25k, how cool am i making it to week 4 eh! i had a really great run, i did all the intervals from start to finish, the 5min runs were a bit tough, but everythings so much easier now i've found my pace! the sun was beating down and the wind was blowing right in the harbour taking the heat out the sun, so it was just perfect! coupled with a quick walk with Ben and Red before hand i earned myself an extra 302 cals.

its a good insentive to get out there, when my daily cals are so low its a good insentive even jsut to go for that extra walk to earn more cals (prob not the best way of looking at it i guess) but it really makes you see one of the benefits of exercising that following SW doesnt show you!

so cals allowance for the day was 1296
extra cals earned through exercise 302
total cals allowance 1598

quick note - i just checked food focus to see what my daily cals before exercise was to put it in here, and looking back at this last week i've exercised every day even if its just a 30mins dog walk on my non scheduled exercise days! thats a big change from previous weeks! how goods that, if this is making me get out more its a definate bonus!!

Bfast: usual podge combo, 28g oats, 180ml skim milk, raspberries/blueberries, dried cranberries and linseeds
snack: banana
lunch: multigrain roll, humous, organic leaves, cherry tomatoes - tangerine and grapes
Pre run fuel: dried apricots
post run: protein shake with skimmed milk
dinner (was aaaaamaaazing!! taken from keeping slim and getting stylish blog and changed a little to suit me.
hot and spicy chicken thigh meat stirfried with stir fried beansprouts, spring greens, peppers, mushrooms, spriccng onions, baby corn and sugar snap peas, with a handful of cashews, in sesame oil, lime juice and zest, garlic, chilli, ginger and soy - wish i'd taken a pic it was soooo good!

so thats it and i came in at 1556 of 1598 perfecto!

note: absolutely everything is weighed and measured i just dont see the point in bogging you down with the details!! x


  1. Glad you enjoyed the recipe! Your dog is so cute!

  2. aww thanks love yeah she's a really pretty girl! yup the stir fry was so good we went ahead and had it all over again last nyt too!! x

  3. Oh cute Hi Red!! *Waves* and Neenie.. our couch looks like your decorating sheet!! Zed man constantly puts his dirty paws everywhere!! LOL