Monday, 17 May 2010

is it monday already!?!?

hey there - happy monday! i hope everyone had a great wknd - mine was lovely, we had such a quiet wknd we didnt really see anybody or do much and it was so nice a whole wknd just for us - i didnt even study Oppsy!

Saturday night was great we had a prison break marathon and just curled up on the couch for HOURS!

saturdays food took me over my cal allwoance by 235 oopsy! i'm not too worried about it though, we had such a lovely day, we were supposed to go out to a party but we didnt so think of all the cals i saved by not going out a drinking alcohol and eating buffet party food! see!

dinner was yet again Keeping slim and getting stylish's stir fry it was just so yummy on friday nyt we went ahead and had it again on saturday nyt! we had some garlic flat bread with it (this might have been what threw me over on my cals) followed by a large bowl of melon, kiwi and mango balls with a little scoop of ice cream and raspberry coulis! (also could have been what send me over on cals!) then Ben had some posh crips (kettle crisps) and i might have snaffled 2 or 3 of these (this is probably what sent me over on cals!) but hey we had a lovely night and its fine just 235 cals is no biggy i dont think.

yesterday i was almost bang on target undereating by just 32cals, so thats ok. i did session 2 of week 4 c25k, it was pretty hard work but i really enjoyed it, i'm pretty scared about whats comig on week 5!

food was the usual podge mix for breakfast, followed by this yummy salad for lunch, with beetroot and reduced fat feta, organic leaves and other salady bits n bobs, and a toasted pita. hmmmmm

then for dinner we had roast pork with basil and garlic, with roasted parsnips, carrots, butternut squash and turnip, with some boiled leeks and a little splash of gravy, i was ravenous and just about inhaled it! it was amazing! i love roasted veg best!
so that was my wknd, but no matter what we do on a wknd and no matter whether its a normal one or a long one, its never enough, we really need a holiday! cant wait till the wedding when i have nearly 4 weeks off (ohhhhhhh) and Ben is off with me for 2.5weeks of that will be sooo good, a much needed holiday and much needed time off together! having skipped the holiday last year so we could have a an amazing honeymoon we're really feeling it this year and the need for a bit of sunshine is calling now!
so thats all for my wknd, this week will need to be a busy one again with lots of studying to make up for the shameless lack of it over the wknd!


  1. Your dinner sounds lovely, I love roasted parsnips, haven't had them in ages, I must give them a try soon! x

  2. thanks, it was really deeelish! i love roast parsnips too and also hadnt had them for ages, i did them in strips style along with the carrots, so the fatter end got soft and roasted and the skinny end got caramelised almost to a crisp, hmmmmmmm lip smacking good! x

  3. Loving all the pictures! and the rather fit one of the Neens over to my left there. wit woo xx