Friday, 30 April 2010

I'm an inspiration! me? surely not!

so i had to post about this, coz i want treasure what just happened to me at the shops, and i wanted to capture the huge smile on my face right now, so figured - go ahead an blog, it'ss capture the moment!

i went to the shops just now, and this woman "nicola", she used to come to slimming world last year when i was piddling along and putting on/loosing/sts and wasnt getting anywhere, she stopped me in the street, and said "hey i saw you yesterday on your way home from work and grabbed my husband and said oh wow look at Rowena, she looks amazing, you were wearing a lovely shirt outfit and you just look positively great! your a real inspiration (yes someone actually called me an inspiration!), u rushed home last nyt and foned my friend Arlene (also used to come to slimming world when i struggled), and said man you ought to see Rowena, she looks brilliant, has lost loads of weight, we HAVE to go back to class, if it works for her it can work for us" so she says "me and Arlene are coming back next week and thats all coz of you!"

i walked away from her grinning from ear to ear, no one, i mean no one has ever called me an inspiration before, i've been called all sorts, pretty, beautiful and skinny (when i used to be), to "carry your weight well" (when i wasnt so skinny haha), to bad things like "are you pregnant", "whens it due", "i thought it was your sister that was pregnant", to name just a few, i've been called all sorts, some things made me smile and some things made me cry, but to be called an INSPIRATION is something i think i'll truly treasure, that means so much more than any compliment!

anyway, i then went into the shop and bumped into 2 further women separately who go to class, who both stopped me and told me how amazing i look and how well i'm doing!

so i just about skipped home like i was following the yellow brick road! i think if i'd have got away with it id have skipped whilst singing "the hills are alive with the sound of music!" haha! what a brill morning, i fricking LOVE that woman who told me i'm an INSPIRATION! (sorry just had to write it one last time)

so when i'm next bummed out or struggling to keep on the straight and narrow, please point me in the direction of this post!!


  1. Well you really are! And you're training to be a runner. well done love, keep up your smiles. xx

  2. oh sugar in my excitement i forgot to say exactly why she thinks im an inspiration, she says some people go to class and the weight falls off, its a breeze then they leave, other people struggle so bad they put on, sts and loose, every week so their still the same 2 years after they walked thro the door, but she said life threw shit at me last year and i really struggled, but i overcame it and now i'm doing great, she said that makes you real and i can relate to you!! oopsy!

    ps thanks LME x

  3. WOo! Go you! It's great that you totally inspired someone to continue on their journey, and she's totally right, you really went through a lot of stuff in the past 12 months and for some people that would have been enough of a reason to stop - but you perservered and you've come out the other side of it with a stack of enthusiasm, positivity and all over 'go get 'em' type attitude. You rock. x