Friday, 23 April 2010

ohhhh sigh of relief its Friday!

well i'm late updating the blog today coz i've been too busy yacking at WI!

i made the decision this week, its been coming for a while i think, to take up running, i'm starting the Couch to 5K programme tonight, week 1, session 1. i've been and bought a sports bra and bought the bottoms and tshirt, i've downloaded the podcast, i think i'm ready to rock and roll baby! quite excited really, i'm realistic though i know its not gonna be easy, i know i might be dissapointed when i get home and be sore or have tripped and hurt my ankle (i'm a bit clumsy like that!, or have run past the pub and all my friends will laugh at me! but itc cool i'm still excited! so watch this space! i'll report back on how i get on!

its nearly time to go home and i really cant wait, this week has flown but each day at work has really dragged does that make sense!

we've got decorating and wedding planning to do this wknd so that should keep us out of mischief, along with my running plan for the wknd, all that should keep us out the pub too! :-)

short blog today i think i've exhausted myself on WI!

food for today looks like this:

Bfast: Podge (HEB + 180ml HEA), banana, apple
Snack: grapes, brownie (2syns)
lunch: quorn chilli with sprouting pulses through it with pasta hmmmm (2syns), banana
Snack: Brownie (i know i know 2 in one day! but thats them finished now, and no i did not eat em all to myself i've been forcing them on everyone!) (2syns)
pre run: 4 partially dried apricots (2syns)
dinner: quorn chilli (2syns), with pulses again, topped with cheese (rest of HEA) and rice

so this leaves me with an HEB, meaning i can have some toast laters if i'm peckish, nice friday night treat!

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