Tuesday, 27 April 2010

must keep on smiling

so i'm not feeling so positive today, i went to bed early with a stonking migraine last night and feeling really sick, i was pretty bummed out coz i had eaten all the right stuff, been exercising, and drank my 3l of water, so why was my body complaining! i have my suspicions it was the chorizo (which i really enjoyed on Sunday - but by Monday it had gotten too strong and i couldnt eat all my soup at lunch), i know it was the chorizo that messed up my tummy, so maybe it was this that gave me the migraine, i've never eaten it before so it might well be. will avoid it in future anyway! so i didnt get much studying done last night, and i woke up this morning from a pretty terrifying nightmare, so that shook me up, followed a bit of family drama thats pissed me off - so not a good start to the day!

ANYWAY - i will not let this affect my resolve! i'm going to tesco at lunch time to check out thier salmon supplies, i was so impressed with last nights dinner i want to experiment more!

today's food looks like this:
Red Day:

Bfast: podge and banana (Heb + 180ml Hea)
snack: brownie (2syns), apple
lunch: rocket and roast beef salad, 2 x tangerines
Snack: yoghurt
dinner: mushroom and mustard beef with steamed veg and new potatoes (heb)

3litres of water.


  1. Arh poor you. :( Isn't it great though that you can pin point exactly what's making you ill because you know you've stuck to plan and can see what your body disagrees with? Just think if you were eating loads of other food you wouldn't have known it stems from the sausage? (can you tell i'm trying to give you a silver lining!!) x

  2. it is great actually! oh and not just that i pretty much always had headaches before, ranging from just a headache to full on migraines and had no idea what was causing them. looking back was a mix of back pain and bad diet! so it fab now being able to pinpoint something my body doesnt like! so yup a silver lining is always good! x