Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Running is addictive FACT

well today is session 3 of week 1 C25K - i've been looking forward to it all week. it was absolutely throwing it down last night, but its cleared up today, cloudy and dry, perfect! so i'm pretty excited about tonights run, Red's not coming with me, i've piled my running gear into a little neat pile on my bed, including my new water bottle, and my slypod, so i'm kitted and ready to go.

I'm hopping on the 3pm bus home (grrr am not a fan of public transport! but needs must), have the dentist at 4.15pm then i'll be hitting the road.

its so addictive this running malarky

i hit up the local health food shop again today, i've spent quite a bit of time there lately, i got a huge bag of dried apricots, some more agave for the black bean brownie stocks and these little crackers, their 1 syn each and are really nice and lil bit moreish too! check them out if you see them.

i think i need to review the food from the day before each day instead of putting down here what i'm gonna eat today, coz i find i have other bits n bobs and dont want to update laters about food so it gets missed off.

so yesterday went like this:

Red Day:

Bfast: Podge (B) + (A), banana

Snack: brownie (2s), apple

lunch: Roast beef and rocket salad, 2 x tangerines

Snack: Yoghurt and a penguin wafer (4.5s)

Dinner: Mustard and mushroom beef, baby asparagus, purple broccoli, cauliflower, small BP (B) butter (1s), brownie (2s)

total syns 9.5 + 4l water (hmm maybe over drinking here!)


  1. Yikes! Thats ALOT of water. I comfortably pack away 2 litres of straight water with a few extras in milk, juice, diet pepsi or whatever. I guess if I included everything including liquids in foods I could probably only stretch to around 3 litres a day.

    Where do you find enough time in the day to drink that much water? :P

  2. i know oopsie! think i over did it! i should really try keep it to 2.5l a day i guess coz i will get the other 0.5l from food etc. and i'm sure theres something about it not being healthy to drink too over drink water! my glass on my desk is 500ml, so i fill that 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the afternoon, giving me 3l, but then i had another 2 glasses in the evening, so that made 4l. i guess i'm just a thirsty bunny! will try and curb it today!