Sunday, 25 April 2010

check me out!

So i did the first session of couch to 5K on Friday night after work, it was ok, it wasnt too difficult i'd say the 2nd last and final 60 second runs were obviously the hardest, the last one being a push, but never too much, i did it on a flat route, which comes to a dead end, i went all the way to the dead end then turned back and had finished the podcast about 5/10mins from home. i was so excited about doing it and i enjoyed it so much. i took Red with me which was ok but a bit of a pain at time as she like to pee lots and lots, and is a bit dopey and nosey so regularly runs into lamp posts etc, and what to do with a poo bag once i've used it is a real issue that neither i nor any of my fellow bloggers nor Ben can think of a solution to as bins are few and far between and man i do not want to run with a full poo bag! maybe a walk round the block first will work to get her ready before we go. i need a water bottle that i can more easily hold, (i orderd one on friday so should be here soon) and i need an armband for my ipod, otherwise its all good, the running gear i bought on friday is great, 3/4 length nike dri-fit leggingy things and an adidas climacool tshirt, i certainly look and feel the part, which in my opinion is half the battle (shallow? me? maybe!).

On saturday i had a "doing day" i cooked up a storm in the kitchen with amazing burgers for lunch and the most delishious meetballs in the world (FACT) for dinner, followed by 2 squares of avocado and black bean brownies, heated up in the oven topped with custard! OMG heaven in a bowl!

food for friday went like this:
Bfast: Podge (heb + 180ml Hea), banana
Lunch: 2 x burgers and 1 wm roll (6syns) with cheese to use the last of my HEA, and rocket
Dinner: the worlds best meetballs, (i'll allow maybe 3 syns for this as there were a couple of rogue ingredients went in), followed by 2 x brownies (4syns), custard, i actually dont know but a guestimate from the syns books allows approx 5 syns for this

so total of 18 syns for saturday, i'm not too fussed about this, slightly over but its not an issue and MAN was my food on saturday nice!

so onto Sunday, i was up at 7am, and out pounding the streets for session 2 of week 1 by 8am, so so very proud of myself, for doing this on a friday after work and a sunday morning, a year ago this would have been UNHEARD of! session 2 was a bit better, as i didnt have Red with me, Ben took her up the hill freeing me up for my run, it was much better. although i forgot my bottle of water, i found i can do it without water, but i dont like it without water, my mouth gets so dry i almost gag trying to swallow towards the end! (note to self always remember water), despite this i really enjoyed it, my enthusiasm has never been so great for something like this. i was home by 8.35am, straight in the shower, then i made breakfast cleaned the kitchen and made soup for lunch and was done by 10am. how good is that, i think i'll try, wherever possible to make early morning runs part of my routine at wknds.

food for today is looking like this:
Pre run: 5 x apricots (2.5syns) 7am
Bfast: podge (heb + 180ml Hea), banana, apple 9am
snack: brownie (2syns) yoghurt
Lunch: roasted red pepper and chorizo soup (courtesy of Nic! - will report back on if i like it - i think approx 1 syn per serving)
dinner: roast lamb, lots of steamed veg, new potatoes, gravy (2.5syns)

so thats my wknd. i'm feeling pretty dam pleased with myself, before the accident i was fat and unhealthy, unmotivated and if i'm honest a lil bit lazy! i was messing about trying to do Slimming world, but not wholeheartedly interested, and not getting very far, i was swimming, and doing approx 40 - 60 - 100 lengths depending on time, but looking back now i'm disgusted that that was even me! then we had the accident in March last year and it threw my life upside down, i was in lots of pain for quite a long time, off work for 3 - 4 months, taking super strong painkillers, going to the doctors regularly, and eventually being told i was a chronic pain sufferer and i should start alterning my lifestyle and mindframe to accept that i will be a chronic pain sufferer for the rest of my life and surgery wont help, my god i was at an all time low, i stopped caring about my appearance, my health everything, i really felt the crash had finished me! i kept on at slimming world in the dim hope of loosing weight for the wedding (had it not been for the wedding i would have quite slimming world for sure!) but i wasnt getting anywhere due a mixture of heavy duty painkiller messing up my insides and having a huge effect on my weight loss and some weeks being so lost that i was even lacking motivation to eat healthy, i cried at sw class on more than one occassion! then i got back to work, physio started working out for me, my friends and family rallied round and really dragged me out of that sucky place, i was still in pain and wasnt allowed to do any exercise, but i was feeling alot better in myself, and i started partying hard, almost every wknd we went out drinking mid evening till 4am or 6am and then i'd spend the rest of the wknd throwing up, i really went for it, and of course this really suckered my weightloss, but i didnt care i was feeling better and i wanted to party! i hadnt even been like this before the accident!

then i slowly started to come round to the place i'm in just now! i'm steadily loosing weight almost every week, i'm eating healthy, i dont drink very often and when i do i'm pretty sensible about it, i dont drink to excess and i'm not throwing up the next day, i'm pretty tuned into my body now, i know what i'm doing if that makes sense, i find myself making the right decisions regarding food more often than not. i've lost 2 stone now and cant wait to say 4 stone, i'm so motivated i cant get enough if that makes sense. i've been given the all clear by the physio (who i'm so so grateful towards, without her my life would not be what it is now - she is absolutely a miracle worker), the crash claim is underway, and i'm A.O.K to exercise, which 18 months ago would not have put me up nor down, but now, well its pretty exciting, i rarely suffer back pain now, i get twinges here and there but my work have spent nearly £2k kitting me out with equitment/furniture to make me comfortable at work, so its all good, not an ounce of chronic pain in sight UP YOURS GP WHO TOLD ME TO LIVE WITH IT!!

and now i've started training to run doing the c25k, i feel amazing, i'm so pleased with myself, i'm like the cat that got the cream. 18 months and 2 stone ago even pre crash i'd never ever have considered doing this i was neither interested now motivated to do it, running? who'd want to do that? crazy ass people! 2 stone ago i wouldnt/couldnt have work the running gear and i doubt very much i'd have even got through session 1 without curling up in a bush half way home!

add into that, i'm now studying and HND in business management in the hope of becoming a project manager or department manager at the end of it, i'm getting married in just over 6 months, debt is almost all gone and money is alot easier, we're starting to build up a social life for ourselves here and make friends, life is good! i can truly say for the first time in year I am Happy! my life is fulfilling and happy!

sorry for the immensly long blog, if you got to the end of it, thanks for reading, just really felt i had to get all that down somewhere, and here is good coz i can easily refer back to it when i'm having a sucky day or at the end of the 9wk c25k programme!


  1. Fantastic Neen - not known you long, but feel I know you so much better after reading that. You are doing amazing. Keep it up, i'm with you every step! :D

  2. thanks Laura, i just re-read it and welled up again! having an emotional day? yes i think so! but in a good way! you keep it up too, we'll pound every step together! x

  3. What an amazing post! A joy to read. You sound like you are the happiest you've been in ages and life is good. Long may it continue :)

  4. what a lovely thing to say Gayle, thank you! x