Tuesday, 20 April 2010

life on the coast

We're really luck to live where we live, its easy to forget that through the winter, but i took this pic just outside our house, you literally take like 5 steps and you see this! isn't it pretty! we drive along side this pretty much all the way to work too. Its so much nicer in summer and really makes you appreciate it.

The sun is shining again today, it really perks me up, i've been in a brilliant mood for pretty much a week now, and i know its purely down to the weather, living up here in Scotland, the rain and cold really gets you down over the winter! i hope it keeps up.

The wedding hotel is stressing me out a bit this morning we're trying to arrange to get down there and see the hotel, the registrar, the florist and the photographer, but every saturday in May the hotel has a wedding on (how rude!) so we're struggling to pull it all together, and i really dont want to go twice. grrrr

yesterday went to plan, it was 100% as i wanted it to be, i need to aim towards getting every day like this (including weekends!) I made a consious effort to drink more water yesterday and drank 5 large glasses of water, today i'm going to aim for 6. The only thing that didnt go to plan yesterday was i had an extra banana and some grapes, i really want to try and not let fruit creep back in to becoming a staple of my diet again so i need to get this in check, will try harder today! oh and the pork that we had last nyt was deeelish! i got pork chops, topped them with fresh parsley, garlic, lemon zest, juice and salt and pepper and baked them, and the taste was hmmmmm hmmmm!

well here's todays plan:

Green Day (thought i'd put a couple of these in for a bit of a change i've been living off Red Days lately)

Bfast: 2 x fried eggs (frylight), 1 x wm roll (HEB), Butter (1syn)

Snack: Orange and almond cake (3syns), banana

Lunch: 4 x ryvita (HEB), 4 x laughing cow extra light cheese (4/6 HEA), veg box, tangerine

Snack: pineapple, apple

Dinner: Mushroom Stroganoff (2.5syns + 150ml skimmed milk from HEA), Rice, activia yoghurt

I'm going to cheat with the mushroom stroganoff, i was sorting my cupboard out at the wknd and found a schwartz packet of mushroom strog mix, for 5syns for the whole pack i figure i'll give this a go tonight.


  1. Wow you are so lucky Neen, Mr E would die to live where you live with that view. Stroganoff sounds yummy - try it with half the pack so less syns?? Do you think it would affect the flavour too much?

  2. Wow, what a view. I <3 the coast. I'd trade everything I own up for a house near water. One day I will convince Mr H that we require a weekend get away by the sea :)

    Let us know how you get on with the schwartz mix, they are usually quite good considering how low syn they are.