Thursday, 22 April 2010

Crippled today!

well today I am crippled, i think i've broken my hips! i went out last night with the dog, i did 3.69miles, at a good pace that got my heart rate going, i jogged 3 times, small bursts, just to see if i liked it, and guess what, i did! now i need to have a think, and research how to start as a beginner for running, and give it a realistic go to see if i really do like it, it would be a hell of a lot cheaper than swim membership. i'm not making any promises, i'm just going to explore it a bit and see how i feel. anyway pathetic that i am my hips are crippled today! in my defence my hips were badly damaged in the car crash last March, and took heavy heavy physio to get them back where they should be, as a result exercise over the last year has been slim to none, with just some swimming over the last month or so. so that amount of exercise using my hips last night i guess i was bound to pay the price for it! however hopefully one day in the future i'll look back at this post and laugh! small steps and all that!

the quorn chilli last night was a success, it tasted just like beef mince chilli, i was really pleased with the result. will definately be making it again. Ben liked it till i told him what it was then he wasnt too impressed! ho hum you cant win them all!

i made Avocado and Black Bean brownies last night, courtesy of
they were AMAZING! and at only 2 syns a square i'm well impressed, i hope they freeze well. though i dont think this batch will make it as far as freezing as i seem to be forcing them upon everyone to try them. some peopel really like them others are not too enamoured! strangely no body seems as excited as me, although no body i know has been on a mission to find cakey perfection at such low syns!

today is weigh in day, i'm not feeling as apprehensive as i usually do about it, i've had a pretty good week this week, i hope the scales are kind to me and reflect my effort, we'll see though.

i'm going to have a mooch around the Deli/Health food store at lunch time today, i feel myself being drawn into more creative healthy foods, and wanting to concentrate on nutrition, whats good for my body along with keeping in line with my slimming world plan, so i'm going for a mooch for some inspiration and also to pick up more ingredients to make more avocado brownies over the wknd.

i've been doing alot of thinking lately, and i realise that what started out as a bid to be beautiful on my wedding day is now becoming so much more than that, i didnt care about health and fitness or my body at all when i began this journey, i just wanted simply be in a great dress on the day. now i want to look and feel great, not just my figure, but my shape, my health, my skin, hair, nails, the whole shabang! i've concentrating really hard on getting my skin hair and nails in good condition lately and the results are really showing, my skin is almost flawless apart from a couple of stubborn scars that are definately fading with the use of bio oil, my nails are amazing, they are very long and strong and perfectly manicured all the time, and my hair is slowly following suit, after years of bleaching, straightening and drying etc, i've changed hair dressers, we're not bleaching it to within in an inch of its life any more, and i'm using much better products, and embracing my natural curls more often to avoid more heat damage, and do you know what its working. so i've got my superficial things in check, i've got my eating and diet in check now its time to start concentrating on my health, nutrition and general fitness, i want to live a long and full life and the key to that is a healthy life style. My gran used to be an olympic swimming coach, she's now 78, and swims 60 lengths 6 days a week at 7am, she line dances 2 evenings a week, plays bowls 3 afternoons a week, and is an avon rep for a very large area! she looks AMAZING! now thats inspiration, if she can do it i can definately do it! she is a model person in my opinion and if i can be half as healthy/fit at half her age i'll be doing well!!

so enough musings, on with todays food diary:

EE Day
Bfast: podge, papaya, mango, strawb's (HEB 180ml HEA) i left the podge soaking in the fridge over night and man it sure did make it creamier, it was lovely, (thanks alex)
Snack: avocado brownie (2syns), apple
lunch: 3 ryvita (1 to finish of my HEB and 4syns for the other 2), 3 x LC extra light cheese (rest of HEA), veg box, orange
Snack: Banana, mango and papaya
dinner: steak, lots of veg and new potatoes


  1. Wow! your nan sounds fab!

    I think wanting to look after your body more does come with eating better. Once you see results, you want more so treat yourself better. You never know giving up drinking might be the next thing to go!

  2. now that would be an achievement! not sure about that just yet, but hey watch this space!

    yeah she's a pretty good inspiration, it sure does spur you on after a visit to the grandparents and your gran is outswimming you by a long way!