Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Tricking my H2B

morning! i feel great again today, the sun is out again, i could get used to this!

yesterday went really well, i had an alpen light bar in the afternoon for 3 syns but i could afford it so its ok i guess. i managed 6 large glasses of water, so thats one more than the day before, i'm aiming for another 6 today. i didnt eat any extra fruit than planned so that a plus too. We went for a walk after work with the dog (30 mins hilly walk), so that one of my two outings ticked off for the week, feeling a little like an exercise cop out after reading all my online friends blogs, you guys all work so hard, and i dont feel like i'm doing anything at all, i struggle for time to get out after work, and without my swimming membership i'm lost! never mind i can renew my membership on Tuesday so i'll be hitting out the lengths soon enough.

i made the mushroom stroganoff last night that i'd been so excited about all week, it was a schwartz packet, i used button mushrooms, closed cap mushrooms and portobello mushrooms, it was really nice, but too peppery for my taste, Ben liked it, and i guess if you like pepper it would be lovely, but i never really have pepper on anything! so i was a bit dissapointed, think i'll attempt my own sauce next time!

last night i also made dinner for tonight, i like doing that, it meant last night was busy and i didnt get sat down till gone 9.30pm, but my kitchen is spotless and my dinner is in a glass container in the fridge ready to heat through, so tonight we'll be eating 20 mins after we get in, and thats great! gives me the evening to study, hmmph not so great!

dinner for tonight is quorn chilli, its the first time i've ever tried this, its in a bid to be able to eat chilli etc on green days so i can have chilli AND rice without having an EE day. I haven't told Ben its quorn, i've just said its a new recipe i'm trying out, i'm going to see if he likes it before i tell him what it is, coz if i tell him first he'll be biased towards it and get it in his head that he doesnt like it before ever he starts! so i'll report back with results later! devious? me? oh yes!

My chilli consists of:

Onion, garlic, red pepper, 3 x sun dried tomatoes, 4 x cream cheese stuffed peppadew peppers, kidney beans, passata, a whole fresh red chilli, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, mixed herbs and oregano and beef stock, i hope i like it, i tried it last night and it was yum it just tasted like very tender mince, but then sometimes you can try something in the pan and it tastes great and then get it on the plate and eat a whole meal of it and its not as nice! i'm quite excited about it!

Todays food diary looks like this:

Green Day:

Bfast: podge (HEB + 180ml of HEA) papaya, mango and strawb's, tea (50ml HEA)

Snack: banana, apple

Lunch: 3 x ryvita (1 = part of the HEB from this morning and 2 = half of my other HEB), 4 x laughing cow extra light (HEA), veg box, 2 x tangerines

Snack: Banana, alpen light bar (other half of final HEB)

Dinner: quorn chilli, rice, grated cheese (HEA), yoghurt

i aim to drink 6 large glasses of water and walk the dog again tonight (30 mins - hilly walk)


  1. Good for you getting out with your pooch! It's tough fitting the exercise in, but if you aim for a little every day you'll soon get used to it hun. Your chilli sounds lovely - never heard of a cream cheese stuffed pepper in a chilli though?? Do you add it all in or serve those on the side?

  2. hmmm thier lush! its a little pot of peppadew peppers stuffed with cream cheese in a little oil. they've got quite a nip to them, and really make the sauce so rich. its 16 syns for the whole pot and i put in about half the pot, and i have about 1/3 of the chilli, so around 3 syns, and WELL worth it! i cut them into 4 and put them through the sauce at the end. the cream cheese melts into the sauce, its not much but just enough to make it slightly creamyish! i also put them into pasta sauce if i want a bit of a kick in it!

  3. Did you manage to fool him?

  4. Nic, see post above, i totally fooled him, he thought it was lovely, but i told him afterwards and he was like hmmmphff i need meat in my diet, so i'd prefer to have beef mince, i said once in a while it would be good for me to have quorn to try and widen my recipe base on certain days, so he grudgingly agreed to eat it every once in a blue moon, maybe i'll just not tell him next time at all! x