Monday, 26 April 2010

chilli and corriander salmon

so i know it wasnt the plan for today, but it changed hey ho, and it was so fabulous i just had to tell you guys!

i got home from work and by the time i picked up Red and yacked to my mum, then went to drop my uncles birthday bottle of wine off, it was getting too late to make the beef casserole i had planned. My aunt was telling me about what she was having for dinner (salmon) and it sounded lovely, i've never tried salmon before, and after having told her this, she insisted i take a packet of salmon to try, so off i went home and made this, tilda oriental stirfry rice, topped with steamed purple sprouting broccoli, sugar snap peas and baby asparagus topped with a chilli and corriander salmon fillet, and a small handful of sprouting pulses thrown over the top with a little soy sauce, and well what can i say, i think it was a little piece of heaven! it was sooo nice, what have i been missing all these years! i think we can safely say salmon will be a regular in our house from now on.

it added more syns to my day, giving me an extra 6 syns but its not too bad, good healthy food, and i could afford the syns so its all good!

needless to say Ben was still hungry afterwards so had a tin of heinz macaroni! completely defeating the object of the food i've given him today, i'm on a mission to make his diet more healthy - its fairly healthy as it is, but theres too much stodge in there! i think he could be healthier, and as someone who is very into his weight lifting programme and fitness i think its important for him to make inside just as healthy! its a bit of a battle at times, dont get me wrong he looks amazing and is really fit i just worry, we're both on the wrong side of 25 now, and he's fast approaching 30, i want a long and healthy life for us, and i know the key to his diet becoming more healthy lies with me as i do all the shopping and cooking. i'm getting there though! oops i digressed!

anyway how good does this look!!

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