Monday, 26 April 2010

well hell its monday, how did that happen! i woke up this morning and couldn't decide if it was sunday or monday! gutted when i figured out it was monday! cant wait till next wknd, i have friday/monday off! yay for long wknds!

on a good note i slipped on my size 16 river island trousers for work this morning, i bought these last year hoping i'd "get into them soon" but as i wasnt too focussed i didnt get into them, anyway i did this morning for the first time, thier lovely, really heavy fabric, so sit lovely and all tailored round the bum and waist. very pleased with them, but i put them on with one of my favourite shirts and i'm sitting at work and realised the shirt is FAR to big, it hanging really low at the neck and gaping so you can see all!! must go in search of a safety pin to hold the top closed! dont really want to give my boss an eyefull! and needless to say i wont be wearing this shirt again!

not got much else to report today, i lost a filling yesterday and that hurts like hell, i hope the dentist can fit me in soon!

so today's food is looking like this:
Red Day:

Bfast: podge (HEB + 180ml HEA), banana, grapes
snack: 71g Semi Dried Apricots (HEB)
Lunch: roasted red pepper and chorizo soup (1 syn - had this for lunch yesterday both me and ben love it thanks Nic!), 2 x tangering, brownie (2syns)
snack: Apple, yoghurt
Dinner: Beef casserole, steamed veg

things are going well, i'm not finding any day a struggle just now, i dont seem to be battling with my weightloss at the moment, it makes a nice change not to fight with cravings! AND i have my time of the month, i've not had cravings, stomach cramps or mood swings! long may this continue!!

happy Monday peeps x

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