Thursday, 29 April 2010

sess 3 week 1 done and dusted!!

well today is weigh in day, i've been pretty darn good this week, food has been good not a drop of alcermahol, and 3 x runs, so's i'm hoping for a good result! fingys crossed.

i did session 3 of week 1 last nyt, and i really enjoyed it still, feeling pretty pleased with myself that i've got the end of week 1! so i start week 2 tomorow, i wonder how i'll fare with that!

my "just a lil bit expensive" bosch washing machine crashed last nyt, but ben the superstar that he is spent an hour fixing it! and he revived it, turned out it had 1/3 of a bra wire (where the other 2/3's?? and why havent i noticed it missing!!??), 2 curby grips (guilty!) a mighty rusty 5pence piece (not sure!!?) and 2 x nails (NOT guilty) in it! oh dear! i really must try and take better care of my precious washing machine! yesterday didnt start too well anyway, coz i dropped a bottle of tabasco sauce outthe cupboard whilst making breakfast, the top smashed and it went all over my very nice outfit! then i dropped a raw egg on the floor! all before 7.30am - lets face it, it was never going to be a good day after that! i went to the dentist after work and she put a temp filling in for me and got a big blob of it stuck to the back of my tooth, its tres tres annoying i cant stop playing with it! however i didnt let it affect my mood, so all's good!

on the plus side i sat my exam yesterday and i think it went ok, but we'll see soon enough.

i got a gift voucher ages ago for the gallery/shoppy type thing we have here, its a really nice shop, and is right next to the dentist. so i went in and got these two mugs and two bowls (these are now the breakfast set! :-) ) aren't they cute! i guess i really should have got 2 plates to go with them seens how Ben never has stuff out a bowl for breakfast! hmmm maybe another trip at the wknd!

Awww my cousin/bridesmaid is currently organising my hen doo for me, she was so not interested when she started out, but as its getting closer she's right into it, she's pulling out all the stops, she works in the music industry so is quite in on the entertainment scene in glasgow and is pulling strings etc, and its looking like its shaping up to be pretyy fantastic! i think we're gonna hit a mexican place for food, then on to Arta for cocktails! ahhhh i'm mega excited. shes a little star - twinkle twinkle! she's also cut me out the loop officially now, she's told everyone not to talk to me about the Hen, coz i'm a bit of a control freak and have issues with other people organising things for me (me? no!....well maybe just a little!!) aw i'm so pleased with her, its all shaping up to be everything i had hoped for, i had horrors of arranging it myself, and ending up somwhere rubbish with hardly anyone there! I've never had a party all for me before (not in my adult life anyway) i never had a 21st etc, so this is soooo exciting!

so food yesterday went like this:

green day

Bfast: fitnessista bfast cookie (HEB + 5.5s)

snack: brownie (2.5s)

lunch: salad, salmon (HEB) baked in chilli, lime and chives, mixed sprouting pulses, 3 x rakuskens crackers (3s) tangerine

snack: apple, banana

pre run: 5 x apricots (2.5s)

post run: handful of sprouting pulses

dinner: eggs, beans and SW chips, yoghurt

total syns 13.5

water prob around 3.5l

am going to make a conscious effort to keep this to 3l today including allowing 0.5l for whats in my food! god i've gone from one extreme to the other!!!

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