Friday, 30 April 2010

2lb! please and thank you very much!

ahhhh.................huge sigh of relief its Friday, and i took today off tagging onto the holiday monday giving me a nice long wknd!

I didnt waste my morning, i got out of bed and made Ben brekkie, sent him off to work, and got myself together and went out for a run, session 1 of week 2, was definately alot harder than week 1 sessions, the 90second runs were tough, (god that sounds pathetic - i'll get there though, we all have to start somewhere eh!) and i was PURPLE when i got home! stretched out and just about fell into the shower! feels good though, i am definately a hero!!

so it was weigh in last nyt and i lost another 2lb. so happy with that, i'm regularly looking good amounts of weight now, my mind has finally caught up with my body and the weight is just dropping off! helped by the running and also helped by my aunt coming to weigh ins now too, she can be competative, and is turning it into a bit of a competition, whatever i set my target to loose for the coming week she sets it the same, its a bit of a joke at class now, i'm not normally into that, but with it being my aunt and if i did fall short of target one week i know she'd give me support so its all good and its on my mind during the week too, thinking to myself "cant let her beat me!" so its doing me good!

plan for today isnt all that exciting, but it'll set me n ben up for a good wknd, i'm gonna blitz the house, plough through all the ironing, and do the weeks shopping, then we're off to my mums for dinner, and then maybe out for a couple of friday nyter drinks with the usual suspects. it really will just be a couple though. maybe i might even try a soft drink!

Food for yesterday went like this:
Green Day:
Bfast: Podge (HEB + HEA), 11g cranberries (1s), banana
snack: melon and mango
Lunch: 57g salmon (HEB)cooked in lime, chilli and chives, with rocket salad, mixed sprouting pules and some lime and corriander cous cous, i couldnt even eat half of it, it was only a small box of it, but i just couldnt get through it, dont think i needed the couscous.
Dinner: "the city kitchen" 6 mushroom stroganoff (hmmm hmmm) (10s)

total syns: 11
total water: 2.5l


  1. Well done on the weigh in result! :D

  2. Great result Neen. I need your help though - i've stayed the same (well actually i've put on 0.2 of a lb, :( ) re focus is needed big time in camp Laura. xx

  3. What a great post :D Both for the weigh in, and the overall positivity, it's gushing out of you!

    A bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone, so I'm sure you and your aunt can look out for each other as well as play the parts of rivals :)

    x x

  4. cheers chickies!

    LME, are you eating right? has the C25K upped your exercise level quite a bit? maybe its water retention? is it TOTM? there could be a million reasons! stick with it, dont be disheartened! my consultant always says dont be bummed by one weeks weigh in, look at the bigger picture, how have you done over the last month? if its good then dont sweat it, keep going, if its not so good then you need to rethink somethings!? xx

  5. Well done Neen. A-MAZ-ING! :D